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July 28, 2010



One more thing!  At this moment my super amazing webmaster (aka my darling husband) is getting the new wool kits for the new line of Halloween designs on our website (www.buttermilkbasin.com).  I know many of you have been asking for kits for them... So stop by the website shortly and check them out!  You won't be disappointed!  The prices are GREAT and include the pattern, wool and/or fabric.  (I know it is a good price because I am including the pattern with the kit complimentary!!)  Get them while they last!!! 

Gotta run & finish packing!!!

Teaching at Quilt S'more 2010 Quilt MN Shop Hop


Just dropping you all a quick note before the girls and I head up to Roseau to teach on the 29th, 1st & 3rd at Quilt S'more quilt shop!  The buses are filled, the gals are excited and the quilt shops are making their final touches on their shops as the 2010 Quilt MN Shop Hop is just days away!!!  I can't wait ~ it will be so fun!  

Here is a picture of the back of my pumpkin (aka Ford Edge!!)  It is filled with new wool (which I will be putting on the website asap when I get back home - you won't believe how cool it is!!) kits and tons of patterns and my trunk show!  I am keeping my fingers crossed the other models arrive safely from the Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon.... and the other box I know has been next day aired so it should be waiting there for me when we get there tomorrow!!!! 

If any of you are in the Roseau area up North in MN ~ swing on by the quilt shop!  Judy would love have you!  I also have a little something I will be giving away for each of you who take the time to come out and join us!

July 26, 2010



I am thinking we should do the "WEEKLY UPDATE" with a drawing (like they do on Saturday Night Live each week)!  Again, I LOVED hanging out with you all via the blog!

Double Checked and All the names were in there the correct amount!!!

ANYWAY... Since there were so many comments - I am giving away TWO $50.00 Gift Certificates for patterns.  (Plus I have two girls and they each wanted to draw a name - it saved me an argument!!!)   

Hand Picked by Gracie!
WINNER #1 * Calico Rabbit

Hand Picked by Hannah!
WINNER #2 * GapGirl

AND...  I am also giving away a $25.00 Gift Certificate to * Shazy* because she ROCKED at spreading the love for the Basin!!!!  You go GIRL! (Thanks Shazy!)

NOTE:  You will each need to email me at swest@buttermilkbasin.com with your patterns and mailing addresses!

Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to drop me a note!  I PROMISE there will be many more giveaways!!!  



July 23, 2010

$50.00 Giveaway in Patterns!

Hey Everyone!

I think its time for our first giveaway!  All you need to do is drop me a comment or let me know what you are up to this weekend. (or what you would like to be doing...I would like be at the Roseau County Fair, watching the Demo Derby & enjoying an Uff-da Taco!!!)  I am sooo excited to hear from you all!!!  

The winner from the drawing will receive $50.00 in free patterns of their choice next week from the Basin.  And yes... this includes our new line of Halloween patterns!  What more could you ask for!  

You and your friends are able to comment anytime up until Sunday evening 11 PM.  If you post about our giveaway or link us to your blog (don't forget to let us know you did) you will receive and additional entry! 

Have Fun & Good Luck!  Start thinking about your free patterns!!!!  

July 18, 2010

O*M*G!!!! Rob ROCKED!


Oh...  the Memories!!!

I am sitting hear on my Mac listening to his concert from Friday...  The day was perfect (except for my right brow!!!)

George and I headed out of town (kidless) on Friday.  I hit the SPA for a massage before the the concert (which was sooo amazing) while George gambled.  Then we met up back at the room to primp!  (Since I was in the front row - I knew RT was going to see me... )  Here is the real reason I had to primp - do you ever have one of those dumb ass moments where you are sitting there doing your brows and you somehow - "accidentally" trim off a CHUNK - not a hair or two - A CHUNK of your brow?  Well, I did!  I should almost take a pic of it just so you can see how bad it really is (I am sooo not doing it though!!!).  Good thing I am an artist and had no problem making my right brow look just like my left!  It was funny because George goes - don't worry about it... it will be dark outside anyway!  (Are you kidding I said - I look crazy!!!!)  Did I mention, I had a very nice looking guy give me a massage too!!!  (I told him upfront that I didn't need my face massaged...I was too worried my brow would smear off!!!)  I am so laughing as I write this.  A person just can't make this stuff up!!!  Leave it to me!!!

Anyway (back to the concert)...  It was just amazing... acoustic and very personable.  I think it was my favorite concert so far!  Either way, I loved every minute of it and was truly enjoyed the weekend with my husband (and my facial on Saturday!!)  In the end, I wonder if he lost more... or I spent more!  

July 15, 2010

Off to See RT!

Hey Everyone!

After a bedroom redo (for my youngest daughter), and another busy week with the Basin... George and I are off tomorrow (kidless!) to go and see my boyfriend, Rob Thomas!  We have front row tickets!  I am soooo pumped I can hardly stand it!  He kicks off his Sidewalk Angels Tour tonight!  Each year we see him a couple of times... Last year we even went to Vegas to see him - talk about an amazing time!  While we were there we met Holly from the Girls Next Door & Jerry Springer... Fun times!

This will be an outdoor concert so keep your fingers crossed we don't get poured on!!!  I would say I will take some pics for you - but I have so many already that I am just going to go and enjoy the show!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend !!! TTYL!

Rob Thomas

July 12, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to share with you a very talented gal who I met at our local quilt shop quite some time ago and just so happens to be an amazing machine quilter!  Her name is Pam Hansen and she is one of the two quilters my company uses or should I say... "trusts" to quilt our designs.  Each project we work on becomes our baby and we get soooo nervous handing it off to someone to finish up for us!  (This could be because we did have a disaster happen a few years back on one of our quilts days before market - talk about stress!!!!)  However with Pam, you only get amazing results and exceptional service!  I can't thank her enough for taking the time to quilt our quilts!  I have never been disappointed!  Not only is she a great quilter - but more important, she is very patient and understanding to my needs and is always smiles even when I come with a ton of quilts at the last minute!  (Whew!!!)  Where else can a girl find someone who doesn't give you the "look" when you know you are running behind and putting her in a time crunch.  She just ROCKS!  Here is a picture of us by the Fall Spinners Quilt  she quilted for me!  I wish you could see her amazing free hand work on this one!  It is just gorgeous!!

Pam also is a very creative person.  She can make just about anything and even has her own pattern line!  (I am trying to get her to go to market - so keep your fingers crossed!!!)  In the meantime, go check out her blog at:  www.emmalinedesign.blogspot.com.  If you are lucky - she just might quilt a quilt for you!!!  (But get in line - I have first dibbs come market time!!!)

July 11, 2010

My "Second Mom" from Home!


Again - I am side tracked!  I was so excited to see that my "second mom" from my hometown of Roseau just joined my blog!!  I just want to say Hello to her and introduce her to you!   First of all, she was, (and is still) mom's neighbor up North in Roseau.  She and her husband Keith happen to have a couple of great daughters (and a great son, Eric!!) who are my best friends!!  I could not have imagined growing up without them!

Not only were we neighbors, but we went to the same church, went to the same school and pretty much did everything together.  It was awesome since I did not have any sisters - just a younger brother.  I had the best of both worlds (and still do)!  Good friends...Good times!

Since retiring from being a teacher/librarian, LeAnne now spends a lot of time quilting, playing the accordion, volunteering and working at the quilt shop in town - Quilt S'more.  She is always working on a project!  Not once have I been to her house lately without seeing a new runner, wall hanging or a quilt she is making for someone special!  You go girl!!!

If any of you are looking for a fun place to shop when you get way Up North to go fishing... head on over and see LeAnne & the gals at Quilt S'more....  They are great!  I know they will give you some good old fashioned service (they might even have baked goods to share with you too)!!! And - if you happen to come up there during the MN shop hop coming up - You have a good chance of viewing my trunk show and hanging out with me!  I will be there 3 different days!  It will be a great time!

Please stop by and check out LeAnne's blog - she always has fun travels to talk about or a new recipe to share!  Here is her blog: www.thecupoverflows.blogspot.com

See you soon LeAnne!!!


July 8, 2010

www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.typepad.com (aka BRIAN!)

Ok - So I was suppose to be posting about my designer friends.... However I have to drop everything and post this!!!!  It all started last night when I was checking to see how one of my "fav" shop's family was doing after having a couple of setbacks.  So I thought I would email Brian and see how everyone was doing.  Little did I know... that at the exact same time, he was trying to leave a comment for me on my blog!  How frickin' cool was that?!  So we caught up...emailed back & forth... and we had a blast!!!  He is so hot funny! (And yes, you HAVE to go read about this picture/post!!!)


Ok- so I know you are all wondering who is Brian?  Well.... You know those TOP 10 QUILT SHOPS that are featured in the Quilt Sampler magazine(s)??!!   Let's just say he and his mom just happen to own a fab quilt shop, Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe and are currently enjoying their reign as one of them!  You really need to run out and grab yourself a copy if you haven't already got one and read all about them - because there is NO WAY I am going to give you my personally signed copy from them at market!!!!  Ha Ha!  I have a signed copy!!!  Doing the happy dance!!!

Anyway - (Back tracking) I was fortunate to meet Brian, his mom and the crew at market.  I had never met them before as they are out in Oregon and I am in MN .  What was just as neat was that the gal who designed their quilt featured in the magazine was my booth buddy behind me.  She is Terri Staats of Sweet Treasures!  She was GREAT... and even was so kind and sent home 3 potted plants & a message board with me!  Super sweet gal!  ... We truly had a great time!

Now- I am going to give you the link to his blog but you have to promise me that you will not compare our blogs!  His blog ROCKS & I am the newbie/work in progress!!  I laughed my ass butt off last night reading his posts!  He is a gem and the world needs more people just like him!  Seriously, please go and check him out and add him to your favorites...  You so will not be disappointed!!!  Here is his blog! www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.typepad.com

July 7, 2010

Sew Unique Creations


Here is my next post as promised!  (I did take a pic with Tara but the photo is not that great so I thought I would snatch another one of her by her booth from market).  

If you have not met Tara from Sew Unique Creations - You should!  She is a great gal and has some amazing quilt designs.  Her designs have blossomed over the years... and I truly feel she has found her "groove".  Here is a picture of her by my favorite quilt of her's at market.  Please head over to her website at www.sewuniquecreations.com to view more of her work.  You will not be disappointed!  

This year she was down quite a few rows from us but normally she is right around the corner or close by.  We missed not having her by us (and her yummy treats)!  Hopefully next show we can hang out more!!  Anyway, one of the first times I remember chatting with her she offered to borrow me a prop.  (If you don't know by now, I am the prop Queen -but when a girl is short a prop - she is short... and friends jump in!!!)  I was sooo pumped - it was just perfect and she even let me take it home!  How cool is that?  

Another cool thing is that she typically drives clear across the country by herself, no less, to do these shows.  For those of you who have done a trade show before - you know how much work they can be.  I think she is crazy (but in a good way!!!)

So...Head on over and check her site out!  

July 5, 2010

Spring 2010 Quilt Market!

Spring Quilt Market is always my favorite show.  I typically exhibit at this show and enjoy seeing all my designer friends as well as the amazing shop owners who continue to provide us with some of the best selection of fabrics and finds!  

Over the next week I am going to share some of the pics with you (that turned out from my IPhone) starting with some of my booth.  Of course, we were having way too much fun during the week between working the show and going out partying during the evenings - that I forgot to get pics until the last hour of the show (when I look like crap!!!).  I must improve on that next show!  I am sure you are all much like me when it comes to seeing pics...  It is ALL about the pics for me!!!  Again, I was fortunate to have Lisa (Primitive Gatherings) as my booth buddy!  A show is never a disappointment when they are around to give me grief (especially Nick!!!)  

It normally takes me two days to set up my booth.   Most times I have a general idea of what I am going to do or how to set it up - but this time.... I had no clue until we got there and started setting the booth up.  My theme was "Halloween".  Everyone knows I am the "Queen B" of Halloween... So of course, I couldn't be more happier when I am surrounded with all things Halloween.  The designs and booth were well received!  Hopefully you are starting to see the patterns rolling in to your local quilt shop.  If not - be sure to check out our website as the new designs are on there.  We also have kits available for most of the designs!



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