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November 30, 2011

All I want for Christmas....

For those of you who do not already know... I am blessed with two darling daughters.  My oldest, Hannah is 12 and Grace is 9.  Now, to say they are completely opposite is very true.  

So the other night I noticed this revised list from Grace (which once was much smaller and on my IPhone).  Now, where is it hanging - on my bedroom wall, mind you!  Front and center to be sure it is seen!!!  Check out her Christmas list, it only has a thing or two on it! LOL... We think it is just too darn cute!  And it is prioritized by stars with another "real" kitty (preferably orange and white, her own!) having the most stars!  
(Note: we already have two!)

And as for my sweet Hannah... well, her list has just a few things on it and she is always happy with whatever she receives!....  (Luv her!)  
Little do they know, we always spend the same on both - list or no list!!!  
Oh, to be young again!
Grace's ever growing Christmas list 2011!

November 28, 2011

Baking Reminds me of Grandma!

Wow - this makes it 4 days in a row for posting... I'm impressing myself!!!  LOL!

Ok - so this morning I brought the invites to the shop and snapped a quick photo for you before I stuffed the envelopes with them.  It is rather simple this year - but simple is good every now and then.  I love the old recipe I included in the bottom left.  There is something magical about old recipes.  I love coming across an old recipe box filled with someones recipes that have been special to them or passed on from generations.  I still have a few of my great grandmother Lily's old recipes that she had written.  Seeing her hand writing warms my heart!  She was one of those who never really used a recipe - yet anything she would make or bake turned out amazing.  

Speaking of amazing... I am the only one who has her recipe for svensakaka.  It is kinda like a flatbread/soft round bread like...  It is rolled out and baked one side at a time in the oven.  It is best when it comes out of the oven hot and fresh and the butter melts on it when you put it on!!  (Heaven)!  It is also tasty with butter and homemade strawberry jam!  What I wouldn't give for one more round of baking with my great grandma Lily!!  Those were some of my best memories... 

Baking was a huge part of my life.  Every since I can remember, once or twice a week I would rush over to her house in the morning (we lived in the same yard) and we would bake cakes, cookies and breads etc...  She was so patient and we giggled all morning long!  It was just the best.  The crazy part is that you know how crazy flour can be - well, try cleaning up everything with no running water.  Yes - she never did accept our gift of plumbing.  I would carry pails of water (heavy - big pails!!) everyday!  And in the winter... I would haul them over in my sled.  Thinking back... It was a normal thing to do.  It is hard to imagine those "good olde days".  However, even though the days are but a memory, her legacy lives on through my baking... as I am blessed to have her rolling pins and sticks (hand widdled) for making lefsa and svensakaka, along with her recipes.  

I miss you & love you soo much Grandma!  XOXOXO 

November 27, 2011

Birthday Celebration~

I don't know about you... but I have always loved celebrating my birthday throughout the years! 
This year, was no exception!  

It started out with a gathering of my closest girlfriends meeting up downtown Minneapolis at our hotel room last Saturday.  (We rented a suite -Heaven!)  Once we were all looking fine... we headed over to The Melting Pot.  The fondue was just delish!  It felt so good to be surrounded by so many amazing girlfriends.  After dinner, we headed out for an evening out on the town!  (Way too much fun!)  After we lost our "grooves".... we headed back to our hotel suite and the gals sang Happy Birthday to me and we cut into the most heavenly cake I have ever tasted around 4AM.  I can not tell you the last time I stayed up that late and enjoying time with my gf's.... Remember...You are NEVER too OLD to enjoy YOUR day in my books!  Here is a pic of my awesome shoes I wore that evening from Nordstrom and the BEAUTIFUL & soo delicious cake the girls surprised me with!
Birthday Cake 2011
New Shoes from Nordstrom

The next days leading up to my bday were followed my many delightful texts, cards, birthday wishes, bday suppers (and lunches - can you say "spoiled")... and of course... some sweet bday gifts!  I thought I would share a few below of the ones you would enjoy most!  (I absolutely LOVE them all!!!)  Thanks to each and EVERYONE of you who made my birthday amazing!  Love ya!

Handmade goods from a special friend! Simple GORGEOUS!
Handmade earrings out of an old quilt.
Find your joy Handmade copper necklace

November 26, 2011

Annual Cookie Swap

It's that time of year again... time to get the Holidays in motion with one of my fav events that I host for my girlfriends!  My annual Holiday Cookie Swap.  

The last couple of days I have been tweaking my invite and am pleased to say they will be going out in the mail on Monday to all my swappers!  My swap is always held on the second weekend (typically on Saturday) of December.  This give the gals plenty of time to nibble on cookies with any guests they have prior to the Holidays or freeze them to use during the Holidays.  

Since it has been rather busy around here - I have not taken the time to research my cookie for this year.  I typically have numerous qualifications that it has to meet (I'm pretty picky)!  LOL!  It needs to taste delish, bake up nicely and especially look pretty packaged etc..  Since I also cook a full meal from apps to desserts... it also has to be doable.  I don't mind a little challenge - but I have to be able to bake them on Friday with "no fear of fail"!

For some reason... I have jumped right from designing the invite to thinking about my packaging.  (Ya - I'm crazy!)  Anyway, I think that is the funnest part!  I LOVE creative packaging!  So - if any of you have a yummy cookie recipe you would love to share or a cool packaging idea... Pop it to me!  I would be happy to share it on here with others who might enjoy it as well!

Back to cookie swap planning!

November 25, 2011

Greetings Everyone!

I hope this note finds you thankful for all your blessings and excited for the Holiday Season that is all to fast approaching!

I would like to start by thanking each of you so very much for being patient (and still having faith in me -) that some day I would get back in to the "blogging" world!  Well, tonight is the night! (I know, can you believe it! Lol! ;)

For the most part, I have been busier than ever (which is good) and as of last Saturday have filled all my shows and teaching/speaking commitments for the year.  It feels good - REALLY good!  I am one of those gals who does not like to be over committed... and this year, I felt I was.  Hence, lot leaving much room open for being creative and holding any exciting events at the shop.  However, I feel VERY fortunate and would not trade in any of my experiences from this past year (ok, maybe just one...LOL!)  I am a very lucky gal living my creative life that I have always DREAMED of doing!  I love what I do and get to be surrounded by so many passionate people who inspire me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your emails, calls, cards & notes (you spoil me!) and also for your patience as I get the last of my "ducks in a row together" before I start of another exciting year! MUCH to be thankful for!  I am truly BLESSED!

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