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February 28, 2015

LUCKY FRIDAY Winner! Blog HOP Starting!

Happy Saturday Everyone! 
Thank you all so much for the well wishes!  I know they will help me feel better soon!!!!  Thank you also for taking the time to follow the blog.  I really am looking forward to seeing you each day for the next 15 days as the blog hop will be starting!
Your comments were all awesome! And for those of you who have never attended a retreat - please don't feel bad... I have only been to 1! Usually I teach!!! So I, too, hope to get to more when my time frees up a bit! Overall... most love the social aspect (hanging with their BFF!), being ...with like minded people, learning new ideas, sharing new techniques, making memories... and then wine, margaritas, chocolate & food {no cooking & desserts!) were also top in comments! Looks like we really are all kindred spirits!!! Wouldn't it be cool if we could all gather at the same retreat! Talk about memory making! Anyway... Jean Thompson (6:57 am) is the LUCKY Friday WINNER!!!Please email us at orders@buttermilkbasin.com with your mailing address by Tuesday so we can get you your patterns!
Buttermilk Basin
Don't forget!  The Spring Thyme Blog Hop starts tomorrow...March 1st!  So stop back here tomorrow and get started on 14 days of inspiration and complimentary patterns & yummy recipes from some of your favorite designers! 

February 27, 2015


Hey- I miss you gals!  Just letting you know I have been resting the last couple of days.... I have definitely seen & felt better days!  Hope you are all doing swell, keeping warm, and enjoying some handwork!  I will be in touch more as I get better!
In the meantime... TODAY is "LUCKY" FRIDAY {YOU PICK 3 PATTERNS OF YOUR CHOICE} and my darling daughter Grace's 13th Birthday!  I can't believe she is a teenager!  I love that girl! ... Actually BOTH my girls!!!  I know some of you have met them and know they are both pretty sweet and really do enjoy visiting with you!  Some kids don't do that these!  But I have been toting them with me to my events since they were born!!!  LOL!  And yet neither one of them are into wool!!!! GO figure!!!  {Once they get older, right!!!?}  Also - on MONDAY registration is OPENING up for our AUTUMN IN THE COUNTRY BARN EVENT!  You won't want to miss out on hanging out with me in class & this fun, memorable event in general!  I guarantee you will have a fantastic time!  Here are the flyers for the event!  I LOVE them!!!  So my question for you is... What do you look for or your favorite part of attending a retreat/workshop?  And yes... It can be for the desserts!!!!!! LOL!!!!  Have a great weekend and I guarantee I will be relaxing reading each of your comments while I am trying to get better!!!! *Thanks for the messages & comments!  It is great to know you care!!! :) 

Also... Don't for get the BLOG HOP starts the 1st with Quilts by Cheri as our first quest!!!! 


February 25, 2015

Sneak Peek of my Fabric Line!!!

SURPRISE!  I have to show you a sneak peek of my new fabric line, Humble Beginnings (a strong basic's line) coming out this spring!  I'm super excited!  Seeing BB on the salvage is the bombdigetty! 😊 It is reproduction Cival War fabric from Diamond Textiles!  The lights aren't perfect yet, but I can't wait any longer to cut into (the 1 yard pieces I have) so I'm using it anyway!  I think there are 28 sku's total?!?  Can you believe it!!!!!????  If only my momma could see this!  She'd be soooo proud! XO

February 23, 2015

Got kits?

Hey Gals!  
Good news! I'm cutting more kits for the Mystery BOM!  They'll be on the website later this week!  The background fabric is also available on the site!  We bought all their bolts they had!!!  Have a great Monday!!!

February 21, 2015

Winner is... More BOM Blocks!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I am so glad each of you took the time to comment about your fun concerts you have attended!!  I loved reading each one!  It is so fun to get tickets as a gift, give them away or be surprised!  We had an awesome array of signers and concerts from:
Lady Gaga to Kid Rock
Charley Pride to Big & Rich
Grandkids school programs to Worship & Handbells

I think we covered most of the categories!!!  How fun!  I think any concert is a good concert whether it be watching Hannah play at her orchestra concert or taking her to a concert like last night!  We sure had a great time!  It is also a great way to escape the troubles of today and make memories with someone you enjoy spending time with!!  So thanks to each of you for sharing with me!

Now.... the winner is Joy's Mom!  So Joy's Mom, we all want to know who Kinky Boots are?  I am thinking a country group??  Us curious cats need to scoop on this group/band!!! LOL!!!  I might need to put them on my go to list! :)  Please email us at orders@buttermilkbasin.com by Tuesday so we can get your patterns out to you!

Next up - Mystery BOM!  I am having a blast sharing and seeing all the neat colors, textures & background choices!  The coolest part... there have been no two alike!  Isn't that cool!!!  So here you!  Have a great weekend & stay warm!!!!! PS* Thanks for the well wishes!  I think I am on the right track now!!!

February 20, 2015

Win win win!

It is that time again!!!  "LUCKY" Friday is here!!!  Yeehaw!  First-if you won last week please contact us!  We are waiting for a couple more addresses to send!  Starting this week each week the winner(s) need to email us at orders@buttermilkbasin.com by each Tuesday as we start fresh for LF on Wed!  Ok- this week was crazy busy, exhausting & but inspiring!  I learned that allergic reactions don't go away right away... Rather, they like to linger and mess with you!  And just when you start to feel better... They start teasing you again until you sleep most of the day away!  But... It also keeps you laying low which allowed for numerous patterns to be drawn, reviewing designs for upcoming issues, getting paperwork done and then it causes you to run behind in other areas like kitting!  I have a good chunk of kits cut and will finish this weekend so everything should be out on Monday!  We sold out of our kits within 24 hours!  {And we had a TON!} Crazy!  Thank YOU!  I have someone to help kit so we may be adding more at some point!  Keep an eye out of the website!  Jodi also has been busy putting other kits on the website too this week and will be updating that weekly -so check that out!  We are listening to your needs and doing our best to meet them!!!  My fabric also came in this week!!!  I got the official 1 yard cut of each!  Everything looks good- but the lights... Back to square 1!  So.... I'm nervous that I won't get it in time to sew my new designs for market?!?!  Fingers crossed it gets right & sent asap!  Tonight Hannah & I are going to Kasey Musgraves' concert!  Should be a great time!!!  So my question for you is... What was your last concert you went to?!? Good luck & have a great Friday everyone!!!  You're AWESOME!!

February 18, 2015

Memories & a Recipe!

Do you ever see something and instantly wish you could show someone it or share this experience with them?  Or know that person would love this or specifically the shop?  That's something that I've been experiencing a lot lately... Especially this weekend when GW and I were out and about!  All I could think about was my mom!  She would have loved this going road trippin with us... this place & their darling array of unique children's old toys & doll clothes!  She never passed up a vintage yo-yo quilt or stitchery piece!  And even as she grew older... she kept the childlike wonder dear to her heart!  I hope these little pieces spark a little childhood memory in each of us!  May your week be filled with joy & laughter!!!  {PS-I did buy the little metal kitchen strainer in the pic below and will think of mom when I set it out at each show to hold my business cards/flyers!  Miss you momma!!} xo

Here's also a neat recipe!  Can it get any better than gourmet Rice Krispie bars? Enjoy!

February 16, 2015

Blocks are looking great!!

Just a quick post to share a few more blocks that came in!  Aren't they looking fantastic? 
Are you doing the FREE "Mystery" BOM with us! 
Join the fun!


Blocks are coming in left and right!

Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to have my email filling up with block #1 and now block #2!  I can't believe how talented and quick stitcher's some of you are!  I can honestly say - I am loving every block I see!  I think it is so neat to see your unique version come to life!  Here is a bunch and I will try to post more tomorrow!  I appreciate each of you taking the time to email them to me so I can share them here with you!  Don't forget to click and print the bock that I posted on the previous blog post!  Happy Stitching!  Have a great Monday! Stacy


February 15, 2015


Hello!  I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day with your sweetie or cats!!!  I am still a bit under the weather... so I will get right to the point so I can finish posting all these links and hop to bed as my kitties are waiting patiently for me to come snuggle!!  
First off... Our LUCKY 12 WINNERS are listed below.  Please email JODI at jodilorenc@aol.com with your mailing info BY TUESDAY NOON so we can send out your patterns!  We hope you enjoy them!!!  Thank you all for the great comments!  It sounds like some of you are having terrible weather... I hope that clears up for you especially if you are not prepared for it!
Winners are:
Patricia Mishler
Debbie (W.S)
Janet O.
Ellen S.
Cindi P.
Linda Danby
Next we have BLOCK 2 to reveal for the
"Mystery" BOM we are hosting! 
We did add background fabric and kits on our website.  Please feel free to go order those if you are interested!  Quantities are limited! 
 Again, all you need to do is click and print on the link below!  We hope you enjoy the 2nd block and keep sharing your pics with us by emailing them to me at swest@buttermilkbasin.com, posting them on our FB page etc...We LOVE seeing your work and following you along as well!  Happy Stitching!

February 14, 2015

Dozen Pattern Giveaway!

"LUCKY" Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!  Today we are celebrating with you by giving away a DOZEN patterns {instead of roses} here on our FB page!  What a fantastic Valentine's Day this is going to be!  Then don't forget to stop back on Sunday for block 2 of our FREE "Mystery" BOM!  Everything is ready... Just waiting for Sunday!  And yes!  We will have kits available for this month's block!  This week was extremely productive!  Lots of new designs are in process!  May will be the big month of releases!  So be ready!  Yesterday was quite a scare for me with the allergic reaction to penicillin (read more on BB FB page)!!  Luckily, all went well and I'm doing good!  I laid low today (not 100% yet) and stitched!  Just what I needed!  So... My question for you is if you have any plans to celebrate ❤️ day?!?  George is taking my car in for the works & a wash then taking me to a new antique shop 1.5 hours away!  It will be nice to spend some time together!  The girls will be hanging out at home and going to lunch & a movie with a friend!  Then we will celebrate with them once we get back!  I'm also hoping to go to Pizza Luce and buy some desserts!!  All proceeds are going to the Animal Humane Society!  What a great treat for my sweethearts & the critters!  Please leave your email address so we can easily let you know you won!!  We didn't hear from last week's winner so we will give that out in addition to this week's giveaway!  We love giving & want you to get you gift from us!!!  Good luck & Happy Heart Day!!!! XO

February 10, 2015

Got sheep? Creative mess!

Happy Tuesday!  Today was an awesome but busy day!  I enjoyed 15 hours of creativity at the studio!  I did manage to make a hot mess...😃 as you can see!  Lol!  I'm also loving getting the pineapple sheep pics!  They are coming in from all over the country!  Two below are from France!  Super exciting!  Keep stitching gals!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with more pics & tidbits!!  

February 7, 2015

Redwork Show!

Yesterday, I was fortunate to get a sneak peek of the Four Season's Quilt Shop Redwork Club Show that will be on display for the next 2 months!  Two collages are from the challenge pieces where they were required to use the blue and cream fabric somehow in their piece!  They were all so sweet!  I will post more tomorrow!  Have a nice evening!

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