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February 28, 2011


Got WOOL???  We do!!... and COOL floss to go with it!

Here are some pics of some of the new YUMMY wool we have in the studio...  We are getting new wool in every week!  Remember, some wool is limited and we are unable to get more once it is gone!  So stop in now and get the good stuff!

Fat Quarters

Fat Eigths

Lisa's (Primitive Gatherings) New Colors

We have tons of wool for thsoe cute sheep!

New Spring colors

New Floss to match new wools!

We also carry Week's Dyeworks floss and more1


February 18, 2011

This post goes out to all you mom's out there who can relate!  Let me tell you... It doesn't get any better than this does it? :-)

Top 10 Things this MOM had to overcome on Valentine's Week!!!

#10  Trading in a nice romantic Valentine's day for a sick husband, 2 $6.00 heart shaped pizzas, a liter of soda & a smores dessert pizza to celebrate with your daughters instead!

#9.  Sleeping upstairs in your daughter's twin bed because your husband is still sick and you don't want to get sick... because after all... someone has to keep the household running!

#8.  Dropping everything & cancelling plans... because the school nurse calls and tells you your daughter is not feeling well and you should come and get her ~ NOW!

#7.  Buying cool colored Popsicles, orange juice in bulk and listening to your daughter say she hates being sick for three days... (and your heart breaks because you can't make her feel better...)

#6.  Worrying for 6 hours while your other daughter goes on a school ski trip .  Keep in mind, she has never skied before! (Did I mention last year's trip resulted in 6 kids with broken bones?)

#5.  Wondering if germs really ever go away between loads of sanitizing the dishes and washing the clothes.... hmmm?

#4.  Being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel... then your other daughter gets sick and it begins to feel like ground hogs day all over again!

#3.  Having the opportunity to miss a day of work to stay home with your daughter because your husband has the "REAL" job and you are the flexible one!

#2.  Knowing the day is coming to close... you've cooked, cleaned and even managed get some work done and you are about to call it a night and guess what.... your washing machine drain hose flies off and floods your whole backroom all while you are multi tasking and finally posting on your blog about your Junkin trip!  (Did I mention we just got new carpet?)

#1.  Realizing you made it through a typical week... you've cleaned the back room and mopped up the water so you turn the fan on to dry the rest of the carpet... grab a diet soda & a box of Tag-a-longs.... then you set your alarm clock (because you know your daughter will need medicine pretty soon) and pray you aren't next to get sick!

Life is good...Isn't it!??  :-)



 On Thursday, a friend and I headed out across the Twin Cities to go and check out an occasional sale.  Although we did not make many purchases this round... it was still fun to check out!  I did get a couple of cool small oil cans and a small black old metal display rack for my smaller patterns.... BUT...My fav part of our journey was finally meeting Biscotti Barb!  She is so sweet and makes the best biscotti ever!  (Hi Barb! :-)  Her flavors change each month!  YUM!
I resisted - but LOVE them!
OH.. I wanted to bring her home and mend her...

How cool are these?

I am always a sucker for typewriter keys!

Oh the finds....

and more finds...
Add caption
Can you say cork board?
Thinking about spring!

Biscotti Barb!!!
Why do these look so cool?
Too coll....

February 7, 2011

For all you Pack Fans!

So I am on my way to Jodi's husband's car to pick up a few things for the shop.... and look what welcomed me as I pulled into the driveway where her husband Pete works!!!!
 WOW!  My pics do not do this piece of art justice!  It is sooo much COOLER in person!

Now - who made this, you ask?  Well, let's just say... it was some die hard WI fans that spent the night sculpting!  It was Pete and a few buddies who work with him.  From what I gathered while talking briefly to Jodi this morning... She said that the guys left the house around 10 pm with their shovels, a handful of tools and headed to where they work and started carving out the helmet in a HUGE snowbank right as you pull in to the parking lot for all to see as they drove into work this morning! 

Regardless if you are a Packer fan or not - You have to appreciate the time and energy that went into creating this cool snow sculpture! 

Who says you have to be a kid to play in the snow! 
Can you imagine how much fun those guys had last night? :-)
 I am sure it was a night the guys will remember for years to come! 

This is the side you see when you drive in to the lot!

Shop Open!

The shop is back open for the new year!  Elaine and I have been busy re-doing the shop.  We still have a little work to do but it is coming along!  The Christmas is packed away and we have started to put some goods on sale!  We need to make room for many new products, patterns... and the new models I have almost finished up!  I know you are all going to love them!  There are 12 new designs!

Here are the new hours for February and March....

Every Monday 10-4

***Plus one weekend each month:
February 17-19 * A Penny for your Thoughts

March 17-19 * Spring has Sprung!
& Indoor Sidewalk Sale

Thursday 12-7 * Friday 10-5 * Saturday 10-4

We will also be open one BIG weekend a month.  These weekends will be called WORKSHOP WEEKENDS and will consist of classes, make it take it and of course, we will have a theme for each weekend and will have new product that goes with our theme for the month!  
You won't want to miss out on all the fun!!!
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