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September 25, 2016

Last day to SHOP these 6 NEW goods!

It's another fantastic day for all of you who love wool & autumn!  We just put up some more must haves for the bountiful autumn season!  Here they are!  Don't forget... Today is the last day to shop on our FALL Online Event!  www.buttermilkbasin.com. Enjoy!

September 23, 2016

Giveaway! Quilt on a Stick Winners & More!

Happy "LUCKY" Friday!  WOWZA!  What a {SUPER FANTASTIC} week plus this has been!  We truly enjoyed our WOOLSTOCK Event, as well as our SHOP OPENING!  Gals came from all over the US & Australia!  I will have to count the states!  There were quite a few!  People also came from all over to shop at the Basin!  We were thrilled to hear what a great time everyone had and that many are already anxiously awaiting to book it again for next year!  You gals ROCK!  That is all I can say!  It truly blows my mind that you are all so amazing, kind & generous to us Basin gals!  To know that we will be your "GO TO" shop each month & that we already are online is more than we ever dreamed of!  We promise to keep inspiring, restocking & enjoying our time with you all both online & at the shop!  We LOVE you ALL!  

There are SEWWWW many things to catch up on…. I don't know where to begin!  I will be posting daily for quite awhile…. to share all the amazing photos, stories & delicious food from the event!  I also hope to encourage you all to attend our WOOLSTOCK Event,  and our smaller monthly events at the shop, too!  At the Basin, we feel it is so important to get out, connect and enjoy time together through handwork!  I know many of created many memories that will be cherished for years to come!

Before I go any further… I want to share the FANTASTIC & CREATIVE Quilts-On-A-Stick with each of you!  We had almost 25 quilts entered and they all were so very different!  Each day the WOOLSTOCK attendees, ALL the walk in customers & the Basin crew voted 1 time for our FAV quilt!  It was pretty close… but the winners were quilt #19 * Linda, from Florida-(who was also the 1st entry! in 1st place), #2 pace went to quilt #16 * Karen, from Nebraska and the 3rd was quilt #1 (whom I will get the info for and share with you once I get back to the shop)!  Everyone enjoyed looking and voting all weekend for the winners!  We were so excited that our ORIGINAL (MN State Fair Inspired) QUILT-On-Q-STICK contest was such a hit, that we are bringing it back again next year!!!  So now that you see what the contest was all about, we hope you get excited & enter your design next year!!!!!  Again, we gave away over $600 away to the winners!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!!  
Thanks to ALL who entered!  You are ALL WINNERS in our eyes!!!

The Australians made it safe and sound to the event!  Many of you have 8 new BFF'S!  They truly were such a delight!  We were also fortunate to celebrate Willie's Birthday, Friday evening, at our party!  Many of these women had took a class with me out in WA when I taught at the Buggy Barn!  They had so much fun that they came again!!!  It is so neat that handwork gathers together some of the kindest gals who end up turning into some of your best friends!!!  I would encourage you all to get your girlfriends together and fly out to the event!  Gail Pan, from Gail Pan Designs was kind enough to set this up for them all!  AND… she was 1 of 2 "FAMOUS" patterns designers who came to the event!  The other one was the lovely Debbie, from Wooden Spool Designs!  She was also a blessing to have at the event lending a hand!  This was her 2nd year coming to join us!  I already hear of a couple others who are hoping to come to the event next year!  So… you never know who you will see or possibly, take a class from!!!  *PS These pics where posted first, as the rest of the WOOLSTOCK photos are on a USB drive and I haven't had time to do any collages with them!  I promise to share the entire experience and the gals with each of you in the days to come!!!!

SHOP HOURS!  Yes!  We have decided to be OPEN 1 BIG WEEKEND a month!  We will also be starting CLUBS and you will be able to come and shop during that time as well!  We would LOVE to be open daily… but can't commit to that at this point!  I will be posting the weekends we will be open on the website and on all social media avenues.  Each weekend that we are open, we plan to have MAKE IT, Take its at the PARK BUILDING {You will need to sign up ASAP for those events as I plan on doing them on Saturday ONLY!}  There will be stations set up and a small treat & beverage will be provided.  The shop will be OPEN that same weekend and full of NEW themed goods for that month!  I will post that by the end of the weekend!  

Also - WOOLSTOCK!  I have BIG NEWS!  I will be adding a SPRING WOOLSTOCK this year!  We are still working on the dates, but know that will be happening!  We LOVED hearing that many of you would be interested in doing it 2 times a year… so we thought, why not give it a try!!!!  More info will follow with that as well!!!

Sorry this is long… just a couple more things… First, I hope you are enjoying the FALL ONLINE EVENT!  We couldn't wait to get to this point where we can share some of the NEW projects/clubs with you that we introduced at last week at our shop!  This event goes through SUNDAY!  Second, the "CAMP" Basin & BASIN FARM GIRLS clubs!  That info will be on the website by next FRIDAY!  You will see the 1st design/kit tomorrow!!! BE READY!  It is SPOOKTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Wish there were more time in the day!  We think of you gals all the time!  With it being me and the other 2 gals… it takes more time to get to everything then we had hoped!  But, we keep tweaking things, including the LUCKY Fridays!  Kelly will now the one who posts the WINNERS on MONDAY mornings!  I am usually caught up the first part of the week, so this will be a very good thing!

HAPPY WEEKEND!  I MISSED YOU ALL and I am soooo glad to be back in a routine!  PLEASE, leave me a comment over on our FB Page so I can enjoy connecting again with you!!!!  XOXOXOXO

September 22, 2016

NEW Block Reveal & Online FALL on NOW!

BIG NEWS!  Today the NEW & {FREE} Mystery block was revealed and is available for you to "click and print" off our website!  We also have KITS available to purchase online as well for all blocks!  Today also marks the start of our "FALL" ONLINE EVENT!  This event is FANTASTIC!  We are offering NEW wools, patterns & kits each day through SUNDAY Midnight!  Many of these items that are available are limited in quantities and may only be available throughout the weekend!  If that is not enough to get you in the fall spirit... we are also offering $1 shipping per order!  If you order 1 time, you pay $1 if you order each of the 4 days... you pay $4 for shipping!  How FUN is that!!!!?  Here are today's offerings!  Please go to www.buttermilkbasin.com to get your FREE BOM pattern & to take advantage of our "FALL" ONLINE EVENT!  {4 DAYS ONLY!}  Enjoy!!!  Head over our website at www.buttermilkbasin.com for the goods!!!!

September 9, 2016

5 Days! Shop Opens! Giveaway!

Hey! Hey!  What a beautiful "LUCKY" Friday today is!

 We are excited to giveaway sets of these fun, fall patterns over on our Facebook page!  We are also finally able to get the fall truck kit winners out, too - since our backing wool is back in stock!!!!  Whohoo!!!!!!  I can't believe the amount of wool we go through on a weekly basis!  Tons!!!!!

I'm keeping this short, as I'm burning the midnight oil & need to shut down the 50 "open tabs" I have in my head!  Lol!  Way too much going on to even mention, with the shop opening & WOOLSTOCK happening next week!  It is all very exciting!!!!  Soooo exciting, that I can hardly sleep!  I was up again late last night until my husband got up for work at 5:45!!!!  I think the shop gals could tell I was a little silly today due to lack of sleep!   😂😂😂 Oh, well... we had some good chuckles over it!!!!

So here are a few bullet points for this weekly wrap up!
1.  We finished up NEW patterns & kits for the opening next week!  You're going to LOVE them!!!!!!  
2.  We will also be showcasing our "CAMP" Basin next week!  The 1st project is AWESOME!  More info next week!  If you come to the shop... you can see our cute "CAMP" Basin display & project!  
3.  Our Quilt-on-a-Stick contest is going to be so fun to vote on!  The quilts are stinkin CUTE!  Today is the last day to send off your quilt, so we can be sure to get it in time!
4.  Our group of 8 Australians are in the US!  Can't wait to see them next week!
5.  Next week also starts our ONLINE event for fall!  It will be very similar to our "Christmas in July" Event!  We LOVE our online shoppers and want to make sure you experience a "little fun" too, during this exciting time at the Basin!!
6.  We are still unpacking orders that keep coming in!  Some that I ordered is for Christmas... So now I need to find room to store those until a later date!  Yikes!  Cool goods, though! 
7.  We have a "PREVIEW" night on Wednesday next week at the shop!  I'll be serving goodies, too, while you mingle!
8.  The girls started school this week!  Hannah is a senior & is a peer mentor... while Grace is a Freshman!  This is the 1st time in years that they have been in the same school together!  They are loving it!

Alright... I better wrap it up, give my kitties some love & hit the hay!  If you're wondering what's shakin for me this weekend?!?... It's finishing setting up the shop!  I have my SIL, Kelly & the fam helping me!  I'm SEW grateful!!!!!  I promise I'll post picks on Sunday for you, once it's more complete!  I can't believe WOOLSTOCK is almost here!  Wowza!  Good times on the horizon!!!! Yeehaw!!!!!!  

Please head over to our Facebook page & leave a comment for a chance to win these fun patterns!!!!  Hope everyone is doing swell, enjoying your day & working on a fall project or two!!!!  Wish you all were coming to hang out with me & the shop gals ect week!!!  We'd have a blast!!!!!! Love you guys!!!  😃😃😃

September 2, 2016

Quilt-On-A-Stick Contest - Deadline the 9th!!!!

Oh, my gosh!  This week we were so excited to open the packages of the quilts that came in the mail!  We each took turns opening them!  They are all AMAZING & so creative!  We can't wait for more to come our way!  If you haven't started your quilt, you still have plenty of time!  Just make sure your package is post marked by the 9th of September!  BIG prizes await the winners!!!!!!  Thanks for making this such a FUN thing!  

For more info, please go to our home page at www.buttermilkbasin.com.  Once you are there, you can also click and print out your entry form!

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