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February 26, 2016

NEW! February Vintage Truck thru the Year & BIG NEWS!

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!! {AND "LUCKY" Friday over on our Fabce book page!} This is so "BIG" I can't even wrap my head around it! LOL!  As you know, here at the Basin, we are growing by leaps and bounds and that is SOOO exciting!  I am thankful beyond measure!  You know I love my studio space {which at one point was a retail shop for the Basin}!  Well...  Today I got a call from the owner of the building and he said that one of the long time tenants has to down size and that his location would be available in 30 days!  OMG!  You know what I am thinking?!?!  YES!  I rented it!  I now have 1200 more square feet in the same building and will using that space for our pattern company and..... I will be turning the original {larger} space back into a retail space & open it up to the public & my AMAZING Events!!!  This is where you all come in!!!!  I need to know what you would love to have me do with the space!  There are SOOO many options, that I don't even know where to begin!  And yes, there is a big classroom so we have options!  Are we excited or what???

Ok- now back to our local programming, aka... "Lucky" Friday!  Today is also a fabulous day, as the NEW February Vintage Truck thru the Year is released on our website!  We all LOVE it here at the shop!  It is just darling... especially for all our wool lovers!!!  We do have kits available... Always remember, we are limited to what we can get- so if you want your kit to look just like ours, it is best to order your kits asap when you see them on the website!  So far, we have not had to swap out anything and I reallllllly make an effort to keep it as close to my model as I can... because I know you all LOVE my color palette... so I will keep doing the best I can for you all!!!

Oh the home front, I am have had a blast being a momma this week!  We have been super busy with nightly events with the girls and tomorrow we will be celebrating Gracie's 14th birthday!  I am sure you all have noticed that I am trying to balance my family life/work and sleep!!!  So that is why you aren't seeing as much 4 am posts!  Since the cruise, all but 1 day I have been to bed by 2-2:30am!  So I'm off to a good start!  Still haven't made a home cooked meal in awhile, so that will be next on the list!!! LOL!  Thankfully, my family is very supportive of my BB madness!!!!! 
This week also brought big changes again at the shop... Laura is not at the shop, but is off taking care of her grandbaby {so exciting!} ... and now, my retired wool enthusiast, Judith, will be volunteering from time to time to help us gals out... AND... my AWESOME sewer, Jodi will now be working at the shop on Mondays & Thursdays!  So I am confident things are heading in the right direction as we strive to fine tune things in order to meet your needs!  Just need to be patient and allow things to fall into place! 

 Since the cruise, I know many of have been inquiring if we are doing a cruise again next year!  Right now, I am on board... but Lisa is taking next year off from traveling/teaching!  {Good for her!}  So... I know we can swing it in 2018, just not sure about next year!  If you have any thoughts or suggestions - pop me an email at swest@buttermilkbasin.com!  PS* Miss all you cruisers!!!

Don't forget to head over to our Fabcebook page and leave a comment for a chance to WIN a free truck kit!  I am ready to read all your comments & catch up on what you have been up too!!!!  I can't wait to see what you've been working on, cooking, ventures you may be doing or if I am lucky, I may even get to see a pet pic or two!!!!  Hope you have a great weekend!  The weather is sunny & 37 degrees here in MN!  Almost time to put on my bikini!!!! HAHAHAHA! 
Happy stitching!  Stacy

February 19, 2016

NEW Let it Snow Mystery Block 2, Kits, Wool & More~!

Hey Hey!  It is "LUCKY" Friday {late night edition}!!!  AND today brings the release of the "Let it Snow" MYSTERY BOM!  What a fantastic day!!!! 

Can't believe we made it to Friday!  The gals and I put in an awesome work week and even took time out today to do lunch with the lovely Karen,  from  Yellow Farmhouse!  It was soooo good to see her!  I miss her!!!  Kelly & I needed a break anyway... as somehow, we managed to get out ALL the orders/kits from last week while I was away on the cruise!  YEEHAW!!!!! 

We have this next block kitted and ready to go for Monday!  Can't believe how many orders have came in as I was updating the website!  How do you know I was putting it on?!?  LOL!!!!  You gals are loving it!!!  That warms my heart!!!  I also put 3 new wool bundles & some great needles on the website for you to check out!  Don't forget I put the new series Vintage Trucks thru the Year patterns & kits on the website too!  Here they are if you missed them!! 
I am also giving you a little sneak peek of this month's Vintage Truck thru the Year!!!!  Those who have seen it, LOVE this one too!!!!!  I am having a blast designing these trucks!!!!  Any suggestions you would like to see?!!!  I aim to please!

I can't believe the cruise came and went!  It was AMAZING!  I hope to write more about it!  It really was much better than I had anticipated it would be!!!  All the gals who came were so fun to meet, connect with & teach!  They were just the best!!!  The cruise itself blew me away!  Being a Midwest girl, I don't get to the Caribbean often, nor do I have the opportunity to enjoy the ship filled with so much entertainment & fun for the family!  I have a ton of pics that I hope to make into a slide show & post for you!  I did put a bunch on Instagram, so check that out!  If you ever get an opportunity to take classes on a cruise {hopefully from ME! LOL!}... You will have a blast!  It truly was a week I will never forget! 

This week I also had to do the morning shift with the girls!  George flew to New York for work so 6 AM came too early for me!  LOL!!!!  I can't stay up late & get up early to get the girls up & to school... Not a good fit!!!  The girls are soooo busy!  The Robotics team has built their robot!  Tomorrow we will go and see it live, in action!!!  The team is really excited about it!  Usually they make it to Nationals, so please keep your fingers crossed that their season will be a successful one!   Even though Grace wrapped up dance comp, she continues dancing with another program.  She has a friend over {from dance} tonight and they are off tomorrow to a day camp at St. Thomas!  I am taking the weekend off to enjoy with the girls & George!  They are growing up wayyyy tooo fast {& I missed my hubby all week}!!!!  I was just thinking that Hannah will be getting her senior pictures taken this summer!  Yikes! 
Next up will be the release of the February Truck next Friday!  As always, we will have a limited number of kits available!  Hope your weekend is AWESOME!  Please leave me a comment for a chance to win Block 2 kits!!!!!!  PS* I lowered the shipping to make ordering the kits each month more affordable!  Every little bit helps!!!!!  Can't wait to read your comments!!! Missed you all!!!!!!  Have a great weekend!

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