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June 27, 2011

Antiques, friends and stitching..Oh my!

Hey there Friends!
Good times were had by Stacy and Lola in Lee's Summit Missouri!  We met the most amazing women who were students and teachers.......talented, kind and a ton of fun.  The food we ate was good..... maybe not good for us......but what are vacations for right?  This part of the country has outstanding antiques, friendly faces and a bit of all I can say is "southern charm".  The classes Stacy taught were with women who were keen on learning and motivated to stitch ......an awesome combination for a class!  We will never forget the kindness given, the stories shared and the memories made...and of course all the laughing!  Thanks gals you are the best!!  And now, some photos for you to enjoy..........

xo Lola
How True!
A fabulous example of punch needle

Beautiful  examples of rug hooking

Everyone's dream house

Remember these sweet, simple bikes?

The Barrelmaker and his wife

The cutest sundae maker in Missouri!!

Peanut butter hot fudge sundae..WOW!
Those great students we were talking about
New friends  Barb and Nancy

Another wonderful student
Sweet, talented, kind teacher Lynda
How we want all you friends to feel!

June 21, 2011

More News..More Goodies....

Dear Friends, 
Before we go to the new posts just an FYI......
No orders will be shipped for the rest of this week due to traveling to Primitives of the Midwest.  Please email any questions, concerns or orders and we will respond after June 26th.

We handed out the following information at the MN Quilt Show and thought it only fair to spread the word on the blog about some new changes......so at the risk of repeating ourselves.....
Enjoy!  We will be checking in as we travel to Missouri... might be a giveaway somewhere along the road!

June 20, 2011

Done with one off to Another!

We must give a huge shout out to all the gals who stopped by our booth at the Minnesota Quilt Show this past weekend!  We had a blast laughing and chatting with our old friends, new friends and all the wonderful vendors.  The feedback we received about the booth, samples and patterns was overwhelmingly kind.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement you continue to shower on the Basin!  

Now that we are done with the MN Quilt Show it is off to Primitives of the Midwest in Missouri for 4 days of teaching.  Ought to be a fun car ride stopping at quilt and antique shops along the way.  Then home for July and trying to do some catching up in the studio, designing and hanging out with family!

Here are a few photos from the MN Quilt Show I wanted to share (more to come).  We will try to keep you posted as we make our way to Primitives and we might even have a little hint about what's coming up in the next several months at the Basin! 


P.S.  Will introduce myself later this month :)

So happy to be watching all the people!

My cup of tea
Some of the Basin's yummy wool
Lisa and I having a grand 'ole time!
New friend
Gals from JJ Stitches
Beautiful quilt on display
More from Buttermilk's booth
Our booth #520
Catching up with old friends

June 12, 2011

Minnesota Quilt Show in 4 days!

Dear Friends,
..Start spreading the news....the party is about to start rocking in about 4 days!!   We descend onto the St Paul Excel Energy Center on Tuesday to set up for the Minnesota Quilt Show......ready to meet, greet and introduce new Buttermilk Basin designs at 9am Thursday! 
 It will be wonderful to see what's new, share good times with old friends and make memories with new friends.  
Be sure to stop by booth 520 to view our new goods and say "hello"... promise you will not be disappointed!!! 
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