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September 18, 2017

NEW FALL & Halloween Designs * Giveaway * Online & Shop Event info

Happy “LUCKY” Monday!  I am doing our normal “LUCKY” Friday post tonight, since I was a bit under the weather last week!  So… Monday it is!  Plus, we have a few NEW designs/kits that many of you are waiting for so I wanted to let you know the website is filled with NEW & RESTOCKED KITS!

Today I am giving away 12 kits of our NEW Fall Hexi Mat! over on our FB page!  This mat is filled with a few of my FAV fall things!  I loved how the pumpkin & sunflower played into the Hexi!  It’s always fun putting a creative spin on my designs!  The colors on the mat are perfect!  We coordinated it to go with the Sept Hexi Door Greeter & Fall Project that was featured in American Patchwork & Quilting! 
Also on the web now. is the next CHALK IT UP! October Pattern & KIT!  I thought I loved the September one the most… but easily… this one is SPOOK-TAC-U-LAR!  I love it!  It was funny how this one came about.  I knew I wanted it Halloween themed and started with the words “Trick or Treat” and added the wool Halloween themed pieces at the bottom.  Next thing I knew… I did it the wrong size! LOL!  {It happens to the best of us!}  SEW… I ended up adding a bat to the top & a spider web between the words…and waa laaa…. It became the perfect size!  Looking back, I couldn’t imagine it without the bat on the top now!  So, don’t let the little “oopsies” get you down! 

Sometimes, it ends up working out better than you had planned! 

If you are doing the Bringing Home the Tree BOM, the final finishing kit is now available.  The best part, it includes the same fabrics we used on our quilt!  This should tie your blocks together and once you are done… our quilts should be “twinning”!!!  Thanks for all of you who have been doing this BOM!  We still are offering it for those who have recently joined in!
OK, I should jump in and share a little personal tidbit with you!  Many of you know I am a HUGE Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas fan!  My hubby & I have been enjoying following them around for years and try to book our vacation (and even teaching gigs) around their schedule!  We have loved every concert and have enjoyed some perks like front row seats, VIP packages {with no meet & greets ) etc... However, this past Saturday, we were VIPS & had the opportunity to experience a meet & greet, sound check and Q & A…. We also got to hang out with them {briefly} before we took our pics with the band AND….. then … BEST PART {besides hugs all around and actually meeting Rob & the band} … we were fortunate to be on the side stage with them during the whole concert!  It was SOOOO AWESOME!  This opportunity almost didn’t happen!  {I know, right!!!}  Right before we were going on stage, they had to evacuate over 13,000 people as it was an outdoor concert and a thunderstorm was moving in!  However, the show did go on, and George and I had the time of our lives! I can’t believe we got to experience what they experience every night on stage.  The energy, the music, the lights, the crowd & the moments they came over and sang/played for us was indescribable.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t believe how cool and down to earth they were!  I could totally hang with them at any time!  😊 They are fricken AWESOME!!!!!!  {Hope you all don’t think I am crazy now!!! HAHAHA!} 
Now that I shared my exciting news with you all… we can get back to business!!!  I know many of you know about our Quilts-On-A-Stick Contest, however… some are just finding out {due to advertising} and they wanted to still get their quilts entered, so I am extending the deadline.  {Or you run into a customer when getting your labs done at the clinic- and she tells me that she and her friend have theirs started, but need more time! LOL!  True story!  {You should have seen us when we thought each looked familiar!  I wasn’t expecting her to be in a white lab coat! LOL!  Plus, we live in the Twin Cities!  Small world!}  However, just make sure it gets to us by next Wednesday or you will miss entering, as the voting starts on Wednesday evening at our Wine & Cheese Early Bird Shopping event!  So, hurry!!!!  You still have time!

WOOLSTOCK IS NEAR!  SIGN UP SOOOOON!  We are still getting sign ups with the adding room.  SEW if you are thinking about coming… let us know ASAP!  We have our menu’s planned, kits cut, treat bags ready, and want to make sure you get accounted for!  We are doing a CAMP theme… and everything is turning out so darn cute!  I am finalizing the COOL TSHIRTS tonight and will be placing my order tomorrow for them!   We are still getting in a TON of NEW goods in for it!  We received our shipment of our custom Buttermilk Basin project bags… LOVE!  Since last week, we also received over 100 bolts of NEW fabrics, TONS of NEW WOOL, we have also designed MANY new FALL projects etc.…  We will be working right up until the end to make this a GREAT EVENT &FUN SHOPPING EXPERINCE for you ALLLLLL!!!!!  At the very least… come shop at the Basin!
Sorry I was “Chatty Cathy”!  I just couldn’t wait to share all my news with you!  I hope you all have a great week!  And, be sure to keep posting your pics to our FB page!  Angela is now helping me get them shared!  You guys are so talented!  WE LOVE seeing your work!  Be sure to leave a comment on our FB page for a chance to win a kit!  Happy Stitching!

September 10, 2017

Biggest Event of the YEAR! Don't miss this!!!

Hello Everyone! 
WOOLSTOCK is only a few weeks away!  Here's the schedule of events!  Have you signed up?  Grab your girlfriend & come enjoy!

Schedule of Events!
Wednesday {Optional}

Workshops don't start until Thursday!

·        5:00-9:00 SHOP OPEN

·        Early Bird Shopping at the shop

·        Wine, Cheese & Antipasti Bar


Check in from 9-10 at Sunny Square Park

·        9:30-10:00 Morning Coffee & Pastries * Included

·        10:00 Welcome to WOOLSTOCK!

·        10:00-4:00 Workshop

·        12:30-1:30 Lunch * Included

·        You are welcome to go to the shop at the Basin any time in the afternoon

·        Shop open from 9-5


Room opens at 9:00

·        9:30-10:00 Morning Coffee & Pastries * Included

·        10:00-4:00 Workshop

·        12:30-1:30 Lunch * Included

·        4:00-5:30 Room Closed to set up for Witches' Nite Out!

·        5:30-6:00 Arrive back for party!

·        6:00-9:00 Witches Nite Out Party!

{Contest for Best or Most Creative Hat! * Please wear a witch hat!} *Party Food & Beverages Included

Pin Cushion Exchange {Please make a pin cushion that you would like to receive to exchange! This is optional but most enjoy doing it!}

·        You are welcome to go to the shop at the Basin any time in the afternoon

·        Shop open from 9-5


Room opens at 8:30

·        8:30-9:00 Morning Coffee & Pastries * Included

·        9:00-Noon  Round Robin of Small Make it Take its * You must be present on Saturday to receive the make it take its!  We do not ship these if you leave early. 

·        Noon Saying our goodbyes!

·        Shop open from 9-5

Sunday Shop Open from 9-1

Call the shop at 763-792-
0638 to sign up!  We can't wait to see you!


September 8, 2017

FREE Sheep & Pumpkin Cart Pattern * GIVEAWAY * WOOLSTOCK INFO

Hey Everyone!  Up this week is one of you FAV giveaways!  Since so many of you enjoy the Live Each Season Mystery BOM, we always make sure to give away many kits of the new blocks as they are released!  If you are new to our Mystery BOM, you can hop on our website and print out a FREE pattern each month and at the end of the year, you will have 12 patterns that will be made into a quilt!  We also offer the kits for anyone who loves our look or just loves to get everything already to go each month!  We love giving you the option to make your handwork journey enjoyable!

WOOLSTOCK is FULL STEAM ahead!  As you can see by the video clip I just shared  on our Facebook page - that are rooms are so full, we can hardly move around the shop!  Each day the UPS & FEDEX guys are bring 6-9 boxes!  We had just cleaned the work room and had to store boxes in there too now!!!!  The shop gals are starting to think I am crazy for ordering in all this stuff (good stuff!!)! LOL!  We sure hope you gals are coming to “SHOP until your heart is content” as we are letting you all have first dibs before we snatch up some of the COOOOOOL pieces got in!  We also have seasonal goods coming in too!  For those of you who LOVE Christmas… I have ordered in some of my FAV items that I would buy and display with in my home!  Maybe I will try to show you some of the Holiday goods next week!  So, plan that road trip gals and come hang out with us at the BASIN!  We promise a good time!  AND…. YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP FOR THE 3 DAY WORKSHOP with My SHOP GALS & I!!!!!  Jodi is cooking all homemade meals for you, Dawn is making AMAZING name tags & center pieces that you will NOT want to discard!  These will be the COOLEST name tags you have ever received!  {I know, because she sent me mine!!!!!!}  You also get to vote & see all the Quilts-On-A-Stick in person and be inspired!  If that is not enough, the projects, treats, desserts & party are over the top exciting!  Come join us!  We would LOVE to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did I mention there will be chair massages just for you too????
More info is available on our website under the Events & Contests tab!
New designs, we are working diligently on new designs!  We will be releasing them at WOOLSTOCK at the shop.  The following week… we will be having our FALL INTO AUTUMN Online Event!  So please be sure to watch for more details on that as we want to make sure all you out of town followers have the options to get some of the NEW goods too!!!!  We would never forget you, as you are just as important to us!!!!!  I am going to TRY to offer extra goods that we don’t usually carry online and only get in for events.  The stickler is shipping.  Some of the items are big and bulky so if you can, I would try to come to the shop first, and if that doesn’t work hop online the following week and see what we can handle shipping!
Did you not LOVE those FUN wool pumpkins?  Are you wondering what the BOM is going to look like???  We couldn’t wait to share a few of the blocks with you!  Until WOOLSTOCK.. IT IS A SECRET!  Let me tell you… it will be worth the wait & one to not miss!  I have dug in my private wool stashed to get a couple of oranges as there is not much out there right now to work with!  So, sign up right away if you want to participate in this BOM!  This is also EXCLUSIVE to my customers ONLY at this point.  You will not find this anywhere else!  IT IS GOING TO BE SPOOKY FUN!

Isn’t this fall weather lovely?  Juel heard on the news that this will be one of the most beautiful falls we will experience here in MN!  She also said the colors will be spectacular too!  We usually don’t have time to get away since it is one of our busiest times of year… but I am thinking a road trip would be fun so see all the beautiful shades of autumn!  After all,… it is my FAV season!  Pumpkin Everything is how I role!!!  I see they even have the pumpkin Blizzard back at the Dairy Queen across the street!!!!!  I have never had one – but it is on my list for this year!!!

Well, that’s a wrap!  Anyone have big plans for the weekend?  Any leaves turning in your area?  I know you must want to send me a pic of your pet!!!!  You know I LOVE those pets!!!!  Be sure to leave a comment over on our Facebook Page for a chance to win one the new KITS for the new BOM!  Make it a great weekend!  XO Stacy

September 1, 2017

New Fall Designs, Giveaway, WOOL & NEW BOM Coming Soon!

Happy, Happy, "LUCKY" Friday this Holiday weekend!! I am so glad to be back to give away some gorgeous WOOL Bundles, share some new designs/kits, and catch up with you this week!!!! I MISSED YOU ALL LAST WEEK!! {I will be giving away a dozen of the bundles, so make sure you comment as these will be great for your upcoming fall projects!!!!}

First off the wool bundles… each month we hand pick some of our FAV wool pieces & bundle them up just for you! You can either buy them each month or you can call us and set yourself up on autoship and have them shipped to your door each month! We have many customers that do this, and wanted to make sure everyone knows about this option!!!

Next… we have 1 of the NEW Hexi designs ready! If you haven't done any of our Hexi WORD Door Greeters yet - this is one you should consider doing! Our September design spells out the word FALL and it is a KEEPER! We love everything about his design! It captures the essence of fall!!! We have patterns & kits available on our website! We also have the final snowman block available for our Bringing Home the Tree BOM! Next month, we will release the finishing kit for the quilt. If you are on the fence about purchasing the kit - I would consider doing it soon.... as we are unsure if we have the time to repeat this as a BOM! As I mentioned in the video I shared earlier today, our kits are unlike any other kits you may purchase from somewhere else… our kits contain the same wool/cotton that we use in our designs or the next closest piece possible! We want you to feel confident when ordering our kits!

Do you LOVE HALLOWEEN like we do?  Then you won't want to miss out on our NEW & SPOOKTACULAR Haunting Pumpkins Halloween Quilt BOM!  This will be premiering at WOOLSTOCK & an exclusive to Buttermilk Basin! 

WOOLSTOCK/QUILTS ON A STICK CONTEST! Grab your girlfriend & come enjoy a super, fun and exciting weekend of workshops, fantastic shopping & great food with us at the BASIN! We have SEW many fun things planned - you won't want to miss this one of a kind event! We will be putting up a full schedule early next week on our website.  You can find the info under events/contests! Don't forget - ANYONE can enter the Quilt on a Stick Contest too!!!  You don't need to attend WOOLSTOCK to participate! So getting creating and send your quilt our way! We would love to have your quilt in our contest! Plus… we have GREAT prizes! 1st $150 2nd$100 & 3rd $50 in BB gift certificates!

At the shop… We are rocking it!  My two new gals are doing great! Diana has been here 2 weeks now & Jessica has 1 week under her belt! I have such big plans and am so lucky to have good help to move forward! Everyone is off to enjoy the Holiday weekend - so please note we are closed on Monday! 

On the home front … my girls are growing up way to fast! We moved Hannah in her dorm room on Tuesday. She doesn't have a roommate. She had wanted one, but by the time they got to her, they were down to single rooms. At first she was a little bummed, but now that she is in - she loves it!!! It was a bittersweet moment… not going to lie.. this momma is emotional and there have been a few tears shed! Luckily, everything is going great for her and she is already making new friends! She is only 20 minutes away so in the big scheme of things, we are blessed to have her close!  We will be meeting up with her at the State Fair tonight! So excited!!!! Grace is set, too, for school! She is going in to 10th grade and has spent most of the summer dancing! I enjoyed watching her dance/cheer at the first football game last night! Nothing makes me more happy than knowing my girls are happy & enjoying themselves! I love my girls {and worry about them} soo much! I am sure many of you can relate!!!! Luckily, we have handwork to keep busy with, right?!!!

As always, thanks so very much for your support & encouragement both in my personal life & professional! You know I love sharing the ups & downs with you! That's what makes this journey so special! I hope you all have a fantastic & safe Holiday weekend!!! We have no plans… just hanging out together at home & at work!!! Life is good! Be sure to head over to our FB page and leave a comment for a chance to win a wool bundle! You are going to LOVE it!!!!! All my best… Stacy
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