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January 4, 2010

Baby... It's COLD Outside!!!!


For many years I have wondered why anyone would ever consider going South for the winter.  Well... after the last few days of crisp and cold bone chillin days ~ I now see why!  A week ago we were making snowmen with the girls in nice soft & sticky snow and having snowball fights....  Today we went sledding and it was cold stinkin cold and icy VERY icy!

As a child, I grew up 10 miles from the Canadian border in MN (6.5 hours up North from where I live now).  I remember standing outside in the blistering cold with frozen wet hair, going to the hockey games with a thin coat - maybe mittens (to an arena that was not heated), going snowmobiling and even hauling wood up a long hill.  If that wasn't enough cold - I went to college right off the lake at Bemidji.  I remember wearing a thin leather jacket and walking many blocks to college - again, no hat... maybe mittens and socks on a good day!  (I usually ran late and did not have to scrape and defrost the car - much less find a place to park!)  Now - I hate the cold and I bundle up.  What happened to being a diehard MN gal?

Anywho - we have spent most of the weekend working on BB.  We will slowly be updating the website over the next few days.  If you stop over there - you may notice a few changes with more to come.  Keep your eye on it as well as here... We will be offering some exciting clubs and workshops this year at the studio.  If you are local - we will be sending you out something by the end of the week.  

I can't wait - It is going to be a FUN FABULOUS year!

The Queen B

1 comment:

Momma B said...

Hey Stacy,
the story of winters when we grew up are very similar..no buses, walking in the cold to school, with wet hair, barely dressing for the weather was common place. Today our kids are asking "where is that global warming when you need it"? I am so excited about the new schedule coming out and the opportunity to be part of the team! It is a year where creativity will blossom and it truly is all about the crafts!
Keep up with the blogging I am proud of you!
Lola aka Laura

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