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February 6, 2010

Quilt Market



It is almost 2 AM and I can't sleep....  I am under the weather...  so what is a girl to do but dream about one of her favorite times of the year....  Spring Quilt Market!  I am so excited pumped that it is coming to MN that I can hardly stand it!  Here is a picture of our corner booth from last year in Pittsburgh.  That was a great show!  

A little recap....  Jodi and I were invited to WI to stay with a friend of mine - Lisa, from Primitive Gatherings.  Let's just say her shop ROCKS!  You all need to visit it!  After a fun day at the shop and chilling at the house watching Twilight till the wee hours of the morning... we headed out together for the long journey to market.  Our trailers were loaded to the top and Nick had us up early (way to early for me as you can tell I am a night owl!!).  Either way, we had a blast with them...  Next thing you know, we were there setting up our booth and before you know it.... all those months that went in to prepping, model making, pattern writing and stressing out to make sure everything was just right was OVER.  This year... I hope to spend less time stressing over it... and more time enjoying the journey!  

Did I mention market is nearing 100 days away?  YIKES!!!

TTYL - Stacy!


AwtemNymf said...

Cute booth- I wish we had expos and meets like this in my hometown!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey... Thanks! We love coming up with new booth ideas. The vintage Christmas one was a change for us - but still fun to see come together! Fall and Halloween are my favs!!

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