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February 7, 2011

For all you Pack Fans!

So I am on my way to Jodi's husband's car to pick up a few things for the shop.... and look what welcomed me as I pulled into the driveway where her husband Pete works!!!!
 WOW!  My pics do not do this piece of art justice!  It is sooo much COOLER in person!

Now - who made this, you ask?  Well, let's just say... it was some die hard WI fans that spent the night sculpting!  It was Pete and a few buddies who work with him.  From what I gathered while talking briefly to Jodi this morning... She said that the guys left the house around 10 pm with their shovels, a handful of tools and headed to where they work and started carving out the helmet in a HUGE snowbank right as you pull in to the parking lot for all to see as they drove into work this morning! 

Regardless if you are a Packer fan or not - You have to appreciate the time and energy that went into creating this cool snow sculpture! 

Who says you have to be a kid to play in the snow! 
Can you imagine how much fun those guys had last night? :-)
 I am sure it was a night the guys will remember for years to come! 

This is the side you see when you drive in to the lot!


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

He he - That's great! Congrats to the Pack!

deb-bee said...

I love the Packer's helmet!! All of Wis. is jumping for joy.They all did a great job and it's sooo cold too. enjoy your day, Debby from Wis.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Awesome! I live in a small town in WI and a lot of people have flags, banners and Go Pack Go road signs in front of their houses. It's amazing how much support this team get.
Prim Blessings! Robin

Jodi said...

Hey Stacy! We're loving the pics. You got the story right. It took them 6 hours to carve it, there were 5 guys. They even made the channel 5 news today - the kids think dad is kind of cool right now! Pete said it was well worth all the work to hear the comments and see the reactions today. Not sure how they can top this one, but I have no doubt they are planning. Yeah Packers!!!!!! Jodi

Miss Stacy said...

Jodi- I bet the kids are just loving it! Trev seemed excited to hear that I posted about it! I think it is so cool what they did! The best part is they had to have had a blast doing it! Can't you just see them? I so wish I could have seen the workers as they drove into the parking lot!!! I hope they were out there watching the reactions!!! How can you possibly top this one? That thing is huge!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am from Wisconsin and I am LOVING this! I saved the pic to show all of us Packer fans here :o) What a fabulous sculpture!

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