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March 5, 2011

New Patterns!

Just showing you a sneak peek of the patterns that we should be getting on the website in the next day or so...  Our new series is called Penny Mats thru the Year.  Our small penny mats are such a hit, we decided to give you one for each month.  As you can tell by the pictures below, I had great assistance in the making of these mats!!!
Wilma sneaking in my thread bag!

Wima relaxing in my box with Bella behind in the thread box!

Mom, please let me play with the thread balls??!!!

Pretty PLEASE!

I'll just sit on your projects if you don't let me play with them!
They're done!


Karen said...

Such cute kitties, and so polite too. How can you resist when they say please?

I love the little mats too. Will they be kits that we can order? I'll be checking the website to order.

Karen M

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Karen! I have one more cat - another black one named Winsten... I am sure he was sleeping nearby, as he is older! Speaking of big boy, he just came and put his paws on me for me to hold him... OH!

Yes - There will be kits available! :-)

Karen said...

Hey Girlfriend those mats ROCK - can't wait to get my hands on those patterns. As always you inspire.

Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse :)

Beth said...

OMG those are so cute!!! Can't wait for kits/patterns.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Adorable pics!
Love the mats ~ Awesome!
Prim Blessings! Robin

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