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December 12, 2014

Today is Meg's Day!

What another fantastic project & post by Kathy!  I love the detailed instructions for each of us!  I think each one of us have a small Christmas tree tucked somewhere this Holiday Season that needs a cute little hand made skirt!!!
Day 12 * Meg from Crabapple Hill
Up next is another super talented gal, Meg from Crabapple Hill!  I don't even know if she needs an intro.. but let's go for it anyway!!  Meg is an amazing designer,  embraces her own style and ROCKS it!  She has developed (more by accident) a neat technique that many of you have come to love. It is the combination of stitching and coloring... It is fascinating!  The only problem is that I need to take a class from her to complete at least one of her spooky Halloween designs!  Again, like cross stitch, I find this technique intimidating!  However, I have taught along side of her and girls - she really does a great job teaching her style, so I think even I can do it!!! :)
This fall, Meg and I were able to spend some time together while we taught at the Buggy Barn!  We sure had a darn good time!  I have never laughed so hard during moments of our presentations!  We were quite excited that night to see everyone...and must have had the giggles!  I think "magic" really does happen when we all come together and share our love for handwork!  So with that being said... let's all go together over to her FB page and she what she has designed for the hop! 

     Dec 1 * Quilts By Cheri
Dec 2 * Plumcute Designs
Dec 3 * Gail Pan Designs
Dec 4 * Woolen Willow Designs
Dec 5 * Ali Strebel Designs
Dec 6 * The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
Dec 7 * Blackberry Primitives
Dec 8 * Wooden Spool Designs
Dec 9 * Heartspun Quilts
Dec 10 * Notforgotten Farm
Dec 11 * Kathy Schmitz
Dec 12 * Crabapple Hill
Dec 13 * Primitive Gatherings
Dec 14 * Buttermilk Basin
Dec 15 * Special Guest
For those of you who are new to the annual hop - Welcome! 
How this works... is that each day, {Dec 1-15} I will post (along with the other delightful bloggers) a link for you to click on from our blogs that will take you directly to that day's designer blog where you will read a bit about them and their favorite Holiday memory for example.  You will also receive a complimentary recipe from them that you can print off and add to you collection!  Then don't forget to download their complimentary design they designed just for this blog hop event {AND thank them in the comments!!}.  I have been in contact with each of the designers and we are all so excited to see the hop come together... and help us all get in the spirit of giving!  This is our small token of thanking each of you for supporting us designers and our passion!  
Without you... we would not be able to do what we do! 
Are you ready?  Let's get the hop going!  ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Do you ever sleep, young lady? Thank you for working so hard on this. I, for one, am so enjoying this. I get excited when I get up in the morning and know there will be another great designer, a great story, recipe and pattern to enjoy. Will you just do this all year.. Why limit it to only a few days, joking...Thanks for all the hard work and long hours you put in to make this nice for us all. Thank you for spreading some joy where it's needed the most ♥
Much Love and Many Blessings,

kristie said...

Is it possible to have the links for non facebook people? I love Crabapple things and wish to do this. thanks

Kyrotime said...

I'm not on Facebook & have been following the 12 Days on their blogs.
I'd like to continue with Crabapple, I've finished the ABC's Snowman quilt & enjoy the styling og thread & crayons...but how do I get the pattern if not on Facebook?
Best regards,

Clare said...

I would like to join in too but not on Face book either.I have been following each day. Happy Stitching.

Karen said...

I just love Meg's angel pattern. It's so cute. I wish I had time off of work to start some of these projects.
I'm so glad I joined Facebook last month so that I could see all this fun.
Karen M

Miss Stacy said...

NO!!! I do not sleep Symantha! LOL! Your comment cracked me up! I would love to do it everyday! LOL! - You are awesome! Thanks for the kind words!

Miss Stacy said...

Kristie - Email me and I can get you the links... I did not receive any or I would have posted it... I am happy to help you get them!

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