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January 22, 2015

Snow Turtle : Throwback Thursday!

Here in Minnesita we get snow!  For years, many of us have made our lumpy bumpy snowmen and sweet snow angels!  However, most of us don't go all out like the kids down the road from us do!  Each year they come up with a fantastic design with amazing details!  Here is this year's design, a turtle!  To see more of their past designs- visit their FB page Bart Snow Sculptures!

Since it's Throw Back Thursday I'd thought I'd share this beauty with you from back in the day when I had bangs!!! Lol!  Here is the link to read along with the pic!  Have a great day everyone!


Anna said...

those snow scuptures are fantastic!! you look so cute!

Charlotte said...

Great sculptures.

Are you still planning on doing the wool "block of the month" that you talked about earlier in the year?

Thanks, Charlotte

Janet O. said...

Wow--I wouldn't want to build a snowman in that neighborhood!! Amazing stuff!
Fun to see you (with your bangs) and read about your debut at Quilt Market. : )

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