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September 11, 2015

Harvest Truck, Snowman Heart, BARN Event & More!

Before I get rolling on my post, I want to thank everyone who's called, texted or emailed me regarding not vending at the WI Quilt Expo this week!  It's really, really awesome that you were concerned and that you miss having BB there!  I'm good and did plan to vend at that show!   Unfortunately, a close family friend pass away earlier this week and my family and I are currently half way to my hometown {6.5 hours away} to celebrate the life of a very special man tomorrow afternoon!  Even though I prepped, kitted, loaded the trailer and had all my ducks in a row... sometimes you just need to follow your heart, as you can't get moments back.... So this week my heart has been heavy, I've been struggling with the loss and thinking of the family... I'm also going back home {it's the 1st time back since mom's funeral}... then I worry I let people who were coming to see me at the show down...not to mention my two girls went back to school...I can't believe I have an 8th grader & a junior!  Talk about emotional!!!!  Lol!  It's all good though!  I'm right where I need to be! ☺️

Ok!  Back to business.... I have a few things to share with you!  First, I'm running behind on shipping due to our printing company having issues with their new software for their presses.  The pattern covers I've been receiving are "pink" and dark!  {ugly!}  So... Don't panic if you haven't received your order- this is a big problem right now!  As I mentioned before... It's show season and the amount of patterns we've been shipping is unbelievable!  We've went back and forth and the issue is not resolved....I have 4 large orders pending!  So I'm crossing my fingers this gets resolved soon or....I'm going to end up switching to a new company!  

Next, with my family in town last weekend... I need to apologize for not picking my LF winners over on the FB page!  I'm so sorry!  The good news... I can just double my winners to 20 this week and then, I'm back on track!!!!  So if you've ever want a chance to win some awesome, FREE patterns... this is your weekend to leave a comment on our page for a chance to win!!!!!

I also can't believe my BARN Event is next week!  I'm crossing my fingers everything comes together!  I'm confident I will have a beautiful selection of goods, fibers & workshops for those of you who are coming!  And for those of you coming to our Party on Saturday night... Don't forget to bring a pin cushion to swap!  I'm so excited!  Like I said... The trailer is packed!!!!  Btw... check out my new Featherlite trailer!  I am so excited!  No more renting!!!!!  Yeehaw!!!!!

Oh- I'm also including pics of the finished pieces for the BARN Event!  I'm loving both the truck & the snowman!  Two total different designs, but yet so perfect for the upcoming seasons!  And how cute is Debbie's Cat pin keep & the snowman mitten hanger?!?  I can't wait to put some greenery in the mitten!  I snapped these pics quick before I left town!!!!  

I REALLY am looking forward to celebrating handwork & having a great time with everyone next week at the BARN!  I hope you come shop, visit & enjoy yourselves!  This event is intended to be SEW much fun!  Let's make it a great time!!!!

Have a SuPeR, GrEaT Friday/weekend everyone!  😃 Kitty kisses to your furry loves from my FAB 4!  Thanks again for all your support & encouragement!!!!  You gals ROCK!!!!!


Karen in Breezy Point said...

Those Barn projects are adorable--wish I could be there!

Janet O. said...

This event sounds like so much fun. Wish your barn was next door to me!! : )
Great new patterns, Stacy.
Safe travels, and prayers are with you as you go home again.

Karen said...

So sorry for your loss. Travel safe on your trip home.
Love the new patterns. They are so darn cute!!
You make wool appliqué so fun.
Thank you,
Karen M

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your designs and creations. Good luck with the Barn Event. I love to do wool applique and you make it easy. Happy Friday. Pat

Barbara Y. said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. You are definitely doing the right thing. We are okay with waiting and will be happy when you return. Have a safe trip. Your patterns are so pretty and I'm anxious to try wool applique with one of them.
Barb Y.

WoolenSails said...

It seems we suffer losses more, as we get older, I hope you have a safe trip and are able to share good memories with family and friends. The barn event sounds fun, wish I lived closer.


barb h. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
barb h. said...

So sorry four your loss, a hard thing to go through. Barn event sounds like fun. Love your owl patterns. Careful driving home with all the roads that are under construction and they're everywhere.

Carlie said...

I love your designs, especially the owls. Hope all goes well with you.

Rilene said...

I love your barn designs! Take your time recovering from your loss.

Yuskew said...

Such cute designs.....love them all!

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