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October 10, 2012


Hey!  For the last few weeks I have been packing and shipping left and right...
 and it is much more then just patterns!  For those of you are lucky enough to live by:
JJ Stitches in WI
Mountain Creek Quilt Shop in TN
Holly Hill Quilt Shop in OR
The Buggy Barn  WA (where I will be teaching once again at their amazing Quilt Show!!)

You should stop in and check out the Buttermilk Basin trunk shows!
 I am dying to seeing how Brian from Holly Hill is doing to display the models on the new farmhouse!  It will be SPOOKTACULAR!

Photo Credit to randomgypsy


jody said...

hey stacy i do wish i was closer but was sooo happy to see you in fargo, nd and meet that nice guy of yours! your booth was the best and i cant wait to get started on one of your patterns! enjoy your evening!!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey! So glad you met up with me there! I love that show and the customers! George doesn't get out much but I am strating to drag him with me! He is by far the best helped a girl can have! And - he puts up with my madness very well! Keep in touch - and good luck with your projects! Shoot me pics when you get one done!!! :)

Miss Stacy said...

Hey- I actually checked out your blog! AWESOME! I bookmarked it! Watch out - I might "stalk" you now!!!! Hahahaha! :)

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