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December 6, 2012

Blog Hop - St. Nik from The Voice :)

OOOPS!  My blog post did not post last night for Lynda's "Big Day" and I am back in the studio and getting calls and emails about the link- so I am going to post it right now for each of you who needed the link... Have fun!!!
Lynda From Primitive Pieces by Lynda
Speaking of the blog hop... How cool were the pictures from Lori's open house!  I sure wish I lived closer - it would be great fun to join in!  Here recipe is printed off and I hope to add it to my Holiday baking!  If you have not checked hers out... Please do!  And you get the first cross-stitch pattern of the blog hop!  Way cool!  I will be head over to Lynda's shortly!!!
On a personal note... This morning I decided to head down to the Mall of America and show my Minnesota support to one of the final 4 contestants on The Voice (which I LOVE)!  Even tho I am a rocker girl.. I have fallen in love with a very unique, humbled and talented artist... Nicholas David from Minnesota!  He came to town for a guest appearance (PR for The Voice) at the Patio in MOA!  He sang two songs, shared heartfelt thanks and received a gold microphone from Eagan (a burb of the Twin Cities).  He was shy, quiet and oh, so humbled!  What a swell guy! I was so honored to be a part of his special day and wish him so much success in his journey! 

Tomorrow we have another talented primitive designer- Cheri from Quilts by Cheri!  I have seen a pic of her yummy recipe - perfect for this time of year!  I'm so excited.. Let's hop on over and see! 
Cheri Payne from Quilts by Cheri


jody said...

hey stacy, sounds like you are staying really busy! me too i got a wild hair to make quilts for my daughter and 2 dil.... sooo needless to say thats what i have been doing. but just glanced at my blog list and saw yours. i too love this guy! what a cool cool voice! go to my blog and see my kitties. they got a their twice a year hair cut! hope your little fur babes are doing well!! take care and enjoy stacy!!

JS said...

Enjoyed my visit to your shop today and seeing pictures of Nick on your cell phone. Thank you for all the info regarding classes etc. Hope to be back soon.

Miss Stacy said...

Hey - double trouble here I see!!! LOL! Yes - I get wild hairs all too often!!! LOL! I will definately go check out the kitties! SO glad you mentioned that! JS and I were just talking about our cats at the shop and how I am planning on posting a picture of how big Oli is now! (a year later!) I love cats!!!! And yes JS - good times tonight! See you next Thurs? Might be my last before Christmas?!?!

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