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December 9, 2012

SNOW day/Blog Hop Cont...

Today was our first SNOW day of Dec!  It was a great day for us!  I can't tell you how many times the girls where in and out and drying their snow gear in the dryer!  It literally snowed all day... and is still snowing!  We have hit the 17 inch mark!  I wonder what the winter wonderland will look like tomorrow!
This weekend has been lovely!  I took time out for my family...  Yesterday we had brunch together, then the girls had their hair cut/styled for their Holiday photo shoot for our annual Christmas cards!  I tried a new gal this year andI can tell it is going to be stunning!  I am so pumped we got the shoot in before the big snow storm we woke up to this morning! {WHEW!}  Then today I caught up on some much needed cleaning and time with my girls!  And you know what goes good on a cleaning day?!?! A HOTDISH, of course!  So yes..  I was even Miss Molly doing some cooking too!  Then we winded down the evening with my husband shoveling (LUV him!) and the girls and I watching Holiday movies!  Good times! :)
Tomorrow I have a painter coming... I typically do all the painting in the house myself - but I am plum out of time and energy!  So we will see how it goes!  He is starting with the ceilings tomorrow!  I hate painting them so he can have at it! :)
Here are a couple of pics I snapped while watching my little bug slide down the mini drifts... 
Please continue on the hop!  We had a brief glitch... so please head over to Stacy Nash's blog and see her darling new project and tasty cookies!  She has a darling post too!  So sweet!  I forgot to change the date with Cheri and Stacy on the list... So to be sure you don't miss out on anything... you better just go visit them both again!!!! :)  (You can never get too much of a good thing - right!?)
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WoolenSails said...

I have been enjoying the hop and the postings. Today I think I will cut out my winter pattern, the one you did with the snowman, something, something simple and fun to do.


Aggiequilter said...

Sorry, but I just went to Stacy's site, she has a cookie recipe up but no pattern is posted ????

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Debbie! Awesome! I love that one - the something, something part is so cool!!! LOL!

Abbie- I did email Stacy and did not get a repsonse back from her so I don't quite know what happened... I just hope she is doing well! Did you check out Cheri's? Stacy

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