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January 18, 2014

Cruise to Marco Island!


This is the last post of our amazing trip!  Here we toured Marco Island!  WOW!  I would love to know who owns these beautiful homes and boats!!! LOL!  I did learn a few fun facts about a couple of the owners which I shared below!!!  Talk about crazy!!!!

This is Port Royal (the prestige)! The top left is owned by the innovator of the orthopedic knew and his son owns the left one. Their boats are called Bone Bender & Bone Mender! The sailing yacht is the best/most expensive and the other one is only around $120 million! They just hosted a huge Christmas party on there! Then the bottom right is owned by a widow who's husband owned Draino!!!
Naples Yacht Club continues is an integral community partner and one of the nation's premier yacht clubs! You need to write a non refundable check out for $40,000 just to be considered! The last slip for their yacht just sold for $1.6 million! Not too shabby!!!! Lol!!!

The house on the top right is designed by a famous German architect that designed the large airport in Germany! It is like an upside down aquarium and will withstand any extreme weather! I can't remember the other ones- but Anderson Windows & Revlon owners are a couple off my who own gazillion dollar pads here!

Thanks for joining in on the fun!! 


Margs Primitive Quilts said...

It might be fun to go see how "the rich" live & play; but I am most happy on a day trip with my besties to the quilt shops drooling over all the latest cival war fabrics. Lunch out and all the laughter and sharing we do.
I am a new follower & I really enjoy all your posts.I 'm off to do more reading.
Very cold,windy & snowy where I live .

jody said...

Wow! What a great trip for you all! A bit warmer than here in Minnesota..and another snow day today too, i hope hockeys canceled tonight to! Enjoy your day!

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