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January 6, 2014

Happy Belated Holidays!!!

Hello Friends!

I would like to take this time to wish you all a belated Happy Holidays and very Happy New Year!  I hope the Holidays were all that you had hoped they would be and more!

Since I last spoke with you... I have been very busy making memories with my mom and my family.  The year had been very trying for us working around mom's cancer and I simply needed to slow down and focus on my family after my last event the end of November!  Being a one woman show, for the most part- takes up much more time and energy than I share with each of you.  I never want to complain because I am very blessed & thankful to be able to do what I do and share it with each of you...  So let's get back in the groove!!

Since the girls have been so supportive with caring for my mom and allowing me to spend most of my days & nights working while dad is traveling for work... this Christmas, we decided to take a family trip to somewhere warm & fun with the girls!  So we got a condo in Naples, Florida (Pelican Bay) and spent 10 days memory making with them!  The only down side is that I got the flu (chest/head/cough before we left) then Grace, then Hannah.  But - we used out energy wisely and as you will see in the pictures below - had a great time!!!!  I will post below the group of pictures where/what we were doing!  I will share more with you too... this is the first couple days we spent at the condo!!!! 

This is where we stayed!
A view from our patio!
Our pool!  Hannah chilling!

These pictures were from our dinner cruise on the Marco Island Princess!


jody said...

So nice to hear from you!! Glad you have been trying to take time and bond! Something you will never regret! looks like a wonderful family trip with lots of memories made! Now to get back into the swing of things... Might take me awhile! Enjoy your day girlfriend!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey- Thanks girl!! It was much needed! No regrets... We can't get this time back! How have you been!? I am trying to get back in the swing of things too! These 2 snow days (no school) aren't helping!! LOL!

Karen said...

Glad to see ya back:)

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