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August 28, 2015

Give Away, Harvest Goods, Fair Fun!

It is "LUCKY" Friday on our FB page!!!!!!  You know what else is cool?  Last week I gave away 33 patterns to 11 winners!  It can't get much better then that!  So be sure to head over to Facebook and leave a comment on our LUCKY Friday post for a chance to win!  I was thinking about it...and I give out 75-100+ goods every month!  How cool is that!!!!!!!??!?

This week was "mission WI Quilt Show & BARN Event"!  We were kitting, unpacking & pricing goods... Ordering trims, more trays & stars (want to make sure I have extra for you onliners!) and cutting-bundling wool, velvet etc!  Since I typically don't do much kitting, I now have a HUGE appreciation for the shops that do it!  I can't believe how little you really get out of a bolt and how much time it takes to cut & package them!  it's definitely been a learning curve and a huge investment!  Hope everyone loves kits...because I can't wait to move these!  My shop is crammed!!!!!!!  

On the home front...  It's been hard to juggle the back to school prep etc.  First off, Gracie got her braces off, her pink hair dyed back to blond & after taking her and her friends to the mall(s) numerous times - she still tells me she needs more jeans!  Oh my!!! Lol!!!!  Then Hannah has been volunteering at school helping some teachers get ready, had her 11th grade orientation & took her class pictures today!  I really struggled when I filled out her forms - 11th grade?  My baby!!!!  How can that be!!!??  I truly will miss them both so much when they go back to school!  Plus- I won't have Hannah working with me anymore!!!  😢

Today the Minnesota State Fair opened up for its wonderful MN Get-together!!!  So of course, after a long day of work, the girls and I headed there about 7:15.  We had a great time, bought our annual MNSF sweatshirts, radio station tees & sampled some of our FAV fair food!  I'm going to pre-warn you that my family LOVES the MNSF and I'll be posting more pics as we plan to go a few more times!  Lol!!!  I've been going every year since entering the 6th grade!  Every year I was fortunate to win numerous grand champions & reserve champions at my county fair thru 4-H.  This meant I would earn a trip down to the "big cities" where the state fair is held!  This was a HUGE deal to make the long 8 hour plus trip to the cities on a school bus!  I can still remember calling home "collect" on the pay phone at the 4-H building!  Such good memories!!!!!   

Before I go... I hope you check out the pics with this post!  It shows the BOO & Jack patterns I'll be giving away, new & gorgeous products for the BARN Event & the vintage feedback collection/pics at the fair!  Seeing those vintage sacks was the highlight of tonight's trip to the fair!  They were stunning!  In the agriculture building they are celebrating the 100th year of the corn at the fair!  So they had hung hundreds of old feed sacks on the walls!  Also- check out the art pieces that were made with various crop seeds!  They are amazing!!!!!  Happy Friday ! 😃😃😃

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I always loved the fair as a kid too! It's fun seeing all the pumpkin/fall patterns starting to appear. Can't wait for fall! I'm not on FB though, so I can't win. :(

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