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August 14, 2015

NEW FREE Pattern Block 8

*SURPRISE* I have a surprise for you! I have the NEW "Mystery" BOM ready early, for "LUCKY" Friday! I am giving away KITS for this block on this super fantastic LUCKY FRIDAY over here https://www.facebook.com/buttermilkbasin/posts/958234764197014! How cool is that!!!! Hope you are excited! I think it is pretty darn cute myself!!!
This week was good all around!!! Work flew by and today we cleaned and moved two rooms around at the shop! Then before my husband came after work to load up the truck, {to take some props and goods we wanted out of the shop} I decided to draw up the new BOM... I had it drawn, fused & scanned in before he got there! I was on fire! {Never mess with a determined woman!.. Isn't that what they say?!?! lol} Then we brought the goods to the shed, grabbed some supper, bought shoes for the wedding & I came home and stitched the new BOM as my cats kept grabbing my thread and jumping up and off the table! What some stinkers!
Speaking of cats! First, I have good news regarding Oliver {he's better then ever!!!} and Bella! After 3 LONG months... Bella snapped out of her "drama" and decided Oliver is ok! It blows our mind. Just like that, she went from hating him & being separated from him... to eating with him, laying on the same bed together, etc...and even stopped attacking him! So far, so good - but I am keeping my eyes on her! I just don't get why 3 days ago she decided to change her mind and "like" him! Crazy...but good!!!! Secondly, check out the cute pics of the girls at the Internet Cat Festival last night! They had such a fun time and got so much treats for the cats! What a great turn out too! 13,000! Gotta love those cat lovers!!!
This week I also got in more goods for the barn event! One thing I know you will like is the vintage metal tray that the Truck Full of Joy mat sits on! They are gorgeous! I also got in the coolest ruler stars, more vintage tin goods and more WOOL! Then for some reason I ordered a vintage light?!?! So I now have a cool light if you're looking for one! LOL! I also connected with my wood worker and she is making new products I designed, along with some we made for market for the event! There will be the black shelves that are featured on some of my new pattern covers, pedestal stands {that you may have seen in my pics from market}, wall pockets with feedsacks that you can do wool applique on. EXCITING! She is also making distressed paddle boards, mini 8X8 and 10x10 cool quilt stands to name a few. She will also be bringing a trailer with bigger furniture and homegrown pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks for all your fall decorating needs! I can't wait to see her goods and load up on some fall harvest goods! My FAV season!!! Super excited! So if you get an opportunity, come to the barn event! This year will be even better then last year! {And last year was pretty awesome!!!!!}

Hope you all have a great Friday and fun weekend!
Happy Stitching!


Tdsvintagelife said...

I am loving this BOM every month is just so cute. I can not wait for your barn event I am bringing two empty suitcases to fill while I am there.

Unknown said...

Wow the BOM is wonderful. I love hearing about Oliver and Bella. I have a darling black female Lab called Maggie Marie Esperanza and I love her. Such a personality.
You always tell the funniest stories and I look forward to reading your blog. Your designs are the greatest. I have three friends who are also doing the BOM's as well as your other designs. We are having a retreat at the end of this month to sit around and put together wool
projects. We make our own kits and take them with us where ever we go. I love wool applique and quilting combined. Thanks for your wonderful inspirations. The four quilteers will be thinking of you at the retreat. Thanks again.

Charlotte said...


What I love about you is your enthusiasm and love for what you do. I never met you but it comes through in your posts.
You inspire me and get me all excited about working on projects whether they be wool or cotton or a combo.

Thanks for a really cute block and for sharing your creativity. Wish I could figure out a way to get to your barn event.


Nettie said...

I am really enjoying this beautiful BOM. Wool & country just go together. Love the rich textures and colors.
Thank you so much!

Stitches said...

Thanks so much for the free BOM, I am really enjoying it..

Juel said...

I just LOVE this BOM! Every month they just get cutier! How can that be? Also so fun to hear the plans for the Barn Event! I can't wait!! Although I shouldn't be wishing the summer away.

Liberty Buckey said...

Love the fall colors! Crows are so tallish too😉

Jackie said...

Thank you for the gorgeous block! I love fall....

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