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October 23, 2015

Setting up at market!

Ok!  Booth is set up!  Here are a couple pics of the "setting up" of the show!  I believe there are 28 ish rows with many, many vendors with various booth sizes on each side of the isles!!  Things won't be complete until morning!  After everyone is set up, they will put down the carpet!  (Usually a bright blue!! Lol)!  Sample spree begins in 50 minutes!  Vendors will set up tables with their product on it and sell models, pattern sets, fabric bundles etc!  The women have been lined up for hours!  I'll take a pic of all of them once we get up there!  It's gonna be wild in there tonight!!!!


WoolenSails said...

I wish I was there, or maybe not a good idea, lol.
I cannot imagine trying to see it all and can't wait to see your photos.


yvonne craig said...

I would love the experience !!!

Sandi said...

How exciting, your first Houston market and Hurricane Patricia strikes, stay dry!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Now just imagine it filled with people taking in all the wonderful eye candy!
Speaking of eye candy! I just visited my mailbox and found the wonderful gift of the 3 patterns you sent! I love Snowmen & Christmas, so it's perfect! I'm especially fond of that snow scene on the snowmans tophat in the January Wool Crazy Year pattern! It's so sweet.
Thank you to you and to Anna at Wooley Mammoth!

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