Today is a day to CELEBRATE! Not only is it "LUCKY" Friday, the release day of the NEW FREE "Let it Snow" Block 3... but also a HUGE milestone over our on Facebook Page! I am {humbly blessed} with over 12,000 followers! WOW! How cool is that?!?! Let's celebrate with giving away {A baker's dozen} of the new block kits over on our FB page!!! Hats off to all you amazing peeps! Let's keep this journey going and celebrate creativity everyday!

The new block is the "female" version of the cardinal! She often gets overlooked.. so I thought she needed to shine!~ We are adding different elements, to make sure the whole project will come together in the end! You will also get 2 blocks next month- because one block is a "filler" block! So be ready! Things are getting exciting! Here is the link to the block : {And I just added the buttons for your snowmen blocks!}

There is so much going on at the Basin... that our heads our spinning! I have SEW many things in process... we heard we may get the new space on the 1st now... we will also be getting a new printing/production system on site.... we have a HUGE surprise that we can't share yet {I know, right!!! I want to share it, too!!!} .... we have TONS of new product waiting to get up on the web... we will be making lots of changes to the website and adding wool, floss & more supplies! Then I am working on my fabric line{s} still & starting on NEW designs for market! I have never started this late, but it seems I work best when I am "under pressure"! LOL! Anyone else like me?!?! Be sure to visit us in Salt Lake, at the International Quilt Market in May! Our booth is 2441!

On the home front.... the girls are on spring break! Our house turns into the "FUN" house! Kiddos are coming and going! They have been baking, making bath bombs, walking to Caribou, getting their nails done... sleepovers & movie dates are on the horizon! They are both super excited to be on vaca! Then tomorrow, I am making a couple appetizers & heading up to Kelly's house for her daughter's baby shower! She is having a girl... so, a shopping I will go tonight! I LOVE shopping for babies! She will be out of the studio for 2.5 weeks, as she is riding back to Florida to spend some time with her daughter and will be going to her ultrasound appt where she can see her new little grandbaby!!! So sweet!

Again, THANK YOU to each and every one of you for following my journey, sharing your work, leaving me sweet comments and just taking time out of your day{s} to stop in here at the Basin! You have no idea how much I look forward to opening up the page, blog or email and connecting with you! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Have a great weekend! XO Stacy  ***Please go leave a comment on our FB for a chance to win a kit!!!!