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October 26, 2016

The Halloween Blog Continues!

Hello!  Today is another FUN day on the hop!  Hasn't this been great!!!!  And to think in just a few weeks we will be back with the grand finale of our blog hops this year....  Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post with all the details of our HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS BLOG HOP!  Everyone will be back and more!  We can't wait to bring you some amazing Holiday designs in wool, cotton & fiber!

Did you get a chance to visit Ali's blog yesterday?  She has the cutest cat pattern up on it for you all to print!  Here is a sneak peek!

Today I am simply letting these darling Halloween PET Costumes steal the show!  Hannah and I were trying to get photos of our cats in their costumes so I could post them all dolled up!  Well... I may end up posting the "outtakes" since they did not pose well in them!!! LOL!    So I thought it would be fun to search out some creative pet costumes to share with you instead!  You know I love the first one!  Enjoy!

Image result for halloween pets
Pin Cushion

Albert Eistein

Doctor and Patient

This costume wins Halloween!:
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I thought they were sooo cute!  I hope you enjoyed them!  So let's keep it short and sweet today, and head over to Cheri's Facebook Page to view the project!  I have included the link here to click & print since she was unable to get it to work on the FB page!  I am happy to assist!  To view the Happy Fall project... head over to Cheri's Page And don't forget to click the link below for the project!  See you back here tomorrow for our final day on the hop!

Happy Fall


VLPDevore said...

Was able to print your posting of Cheri's pattern. Sooooo cute even without seeing a picture. I'll try her sites later, but I'm going to play with just the plain pattern and see if it looks anything like Cheri's finished pillow. (PS note to Cheri: I have lots of trouble with my computer too -- do much better with textiles!)

Claire said...

Thanks so much for this cute pattern Cheri and Stacy. Happy Halloween to you both!

Charlotte said...

Love the animal costumes even though we do not have any pets. Thanks for sharing.


Summer said...

I loooove the Superman doggie♥

Patti L. said...

I love the cat pattern!!! Can anyone tell me where to find it!!! Can't get enough black cats for Halloween! Thanks a bunch, Patti

Loris said...

Such a fun blog hop! Thank you for the great stories and patterns. I saw the Happy Fall pattern on my iPad last night but the link pulls up a blank pdf this morning as I try to print it. Was it only available one day? thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable pictures. I love Einstein! Thank you for the great blog hop and the ideas.

Loris said...

Me again. Got this cute pattern printed out. Thank you!
I think I was having a computer glitch.

Patti L. said...

Did you print out the cat pattern? Can you let me know how to get it?? Thanks a bunch! I. Any any place to get the free pattern...

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