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September 19, 2013

New Prim Goods/Meet Judith!


Today was a great day at the shop... It felt like it was Christmas!  Box after box came and I could hardly stand it!  Judith kept marking stuff all day long!  We still got more boxes after she left!  You should see the trunk shows too that I got in today!  I am SOOO excited for you all to see what I have been cooking up at the shop! 
The counter and surrounding shelves are overflowing with prim goods!
I did feel bad today because I had 3 lovely ladies swing by and knock on my door- the shop and myself were a hot MESS!  Typically I would let anyone in but I am in the process of packing up for 2 trade shows and an open house within the next two weeks!  So... needless to say, I thanked them and handed them a flyer and hope they will take the time to come back - it is hard to turn away anyone who supports and loves what I do!

I also want to introduce you to my right hand gal Judith, who volunteers her time when she can to come help me fill orders, fold wool, price... or do whatever I need done!  I can not tell you what a saving grace she is!  Most days we work hard and sneak out for lunch!  We are trying to start a sewing night at her house (with my neighbor gal Sal!) on Monday night... We gave it a whirl this past Monday night - I got there late from work and she already started drinking the wine.  Needless to say... we did not get a thing done and all we did was chat and drink wine!  Great way to start off the week! LOL!  Anyway, if you come to the shop - be sure to say Hi! to Judith!  Judith loves to sew, rug hook, collect primitives/antiques and most of all she is one of my biggest supporters and encourager!  XO Judith!  You Rock girl!


Anna said...

There is nothing like a girlfriend who has your back...Judith sounds like she fits the bill!

Miss Stacy said...

She is a swell gal!!!! You do know I ALWAYS have room for more!! If only you were closer!!!!! Miss ya! :)

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