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September 15, 2013

Road/Antique tripping/Weekend Update!

Hey!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  These fall days are precious here in MN and we are really trying to make the most of each day before the snow flies!!  I had a fabulous weekend with my family!  I went road tripping with my husband yesterday, recevied a pleasant surprise by seeing my hooked rug featured in Mary Janes Farm magazine (WOW!) and finished of the weekend with my family at the Renaissance Festival followed by a longggg nap during the football game...a fire and s'mores!  Now I am back at the shop spending some time with YOU and then I will start kitting up some designs for my upcoming shows!  I am a night owl - so I am just getting started!

Yesterday, I had this bright idea to convince my husband that we should go up to a small town called Lindstrom and stop at this antique store where I purchased some cool thimbles at last weekend.  I had a great idea of what to do with them... and if you know me - I have to move on it and go get them!  So... after hitting Lindstrom, and the next town, and the next town... then saying I really think we are close a bunch of times... We finally found it in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.  Oh geez!  What a hoot!  Anyway, my husband was such a swell guy and little did I know he realized way back on the drive that Turtle Lake has a casino!  LOL!  So let's just say we were both happy!  It started to rain on the way home so we stopped a cute pizza/malt shop and enjoyed a slice of pizza and malts!  I had a peanut butter/chocolate malt!  YUMMO! 
Antique Mall in Turtle Lake
Good Pizza and AMAZING malts!
Cool huge wood carved cone!
Even a cookie in the malt for cuteness!
Neighbor girl, Hannah & Grace
S'MORES and a Diet Coke (on ice!)
Better get kitting... Tomorrow I will tell you more about my hooked rug in Mary Janes Farm magazine!  So exciting!!!  Hope your week starts off great!  Keep Stitching! :)

1 comment:

Ann in PA said...

Stacy, What great weekend...sweet pic of the girls, such yummy food & what fun searching for that antique store...your honey is a keeper! Glad you are back to blogging... love your designs.

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