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January 14, 2014

Next up is Shelling!

Hello Again!!!

Up next is our shelling excursion to a small island!  Wow!  This was an experience!  I am not a huge water fan.. so to get out of the fishing boat and walk in muck to get around to the beach was a little funky for me... But once I seen the beauty of the shore/beach and seen thousands of shells and things I have only seen in pictures - it was pretty darn cool!  We were able to bring all of our shells home with us!  We found some amazing exotic shells that are very rare.  We learned a lot about shells and even found a sea urchin (that was in mint condition!) that we were able to take home with us as well!  Again I would highly recommend going shelling if you ever get the opportunity! 

Here is the sea urchin!!! 

The owners darling young boys and our girls!  They don't usually go but we were glad they did that day!

Then you see some funky stuff! LOL!
We took a little journey to the other side where the beach was to get to all the shells!

1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

I love getting out and exploring when we go kayaking, you never know what natural treasures you will find.


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