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July 9, 2016

Summer Blog Hop {Day 2}

Hello again!!!  Welcome to {Day 2} of our Summer Blog Hop!  I would like to thank you in advance for being patient if you end up waiting a bit in the am for each designer to post their project.  This blog hop we have 3 designers from out of the country and the rest of them are spread around the states.  Also, each designer puts their project up on THEIR schedule.  I have no control over that, and am just thrilled they are a part of this hop!!  So please be patient if it is not up at the crack of dawn!  They will post it, I promise!!!

Wasn't today's project from Cheri darling!?  There are so many options to do with her house design!  I love the collection of pillows she made and tucked into a bowl to sit in her sewing room!  And, if you missed the correct link to head over to her FB page and get your pattern... Here it is!! 

·         Up today is Sheri, from Calico Moon!  I know she is up to something fun!  I think I need to make one of her groovy old school pockets for my shows I vend at!  Do you remember the lumber store pockets???  Well, she has put a fun spin on it!  I could see Sheri using this while she is out gardening... She has gorgeous flowers and spends a lot of time out in the yard as you can read in her summer tidbits below!!!

Green Thumb or No?Green thumb - yes!  I love to plant herbs like Rosemary, basil, oregano and chives.  I love plants that attract butterflies and bees like coneflower, bloodroot, milkweed and butterfly bush.  And this year I planted tomatoes in pots and well as the ground.  The potted tomatoes are already producing maters!!!
·        Average temperature where you live during the summer? Average temp is 80-90's however we do get around 100 with the heat index!
·        How do you stay cool during the summer?  I like to stay cool outside with the hose on mist!! But most days I am at the shop in the AC!
·        Favorite summer drink? Favorite new drink are Bourbon slushes! My husband makes big batches that we freeze in Ball jars for our enjoyment
·        How did you celebrate the 4th of July?  This year we had a very wet and rainy 4th of July so we stayed home and cooked a lot of good food!  Made my first shrimp boil!!! It was good too!
·        What type of s’mores do you like?  Standard or?  S'mores over a campfire are the best! Try them with a cookies and cream candy bar!!!
·        Do you frequent any farmer’s markets during the week?  We have a little farm stand close to our house so we are always getting fresh corn and zucchini! 
·        Favorite fruit?  Favorite fruit are strawberries, blueberries and blackberries!  I but them in all my flavored teas daily!!!
Do you do any handwork outside during the week? I like to do handwork outside in the spring and fall.  Don't like to be sweating while I am stitching! 
Favorite summer tradition?  My favorite part of summer is getting to spend some time on the beach while on vacation!!! I love water!!!

Here is a sneak peek of her project!  Be sure to click the link and go print out the patterns and her delicious potluck recipe!  

Click Link!

See you tomorrow!!!!!!

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janine said...

I really love your blog hops and everything they have to offer but the links that go to Facebook drive me crazy.
I dont do Facebook... I am not signing up and when you click the link all these things pop up to sign in, sign up etc.
All is want to do is look at the pattern, read the recipe...
I know some links go right to the pattern or the blog of the person hosting but not all.

Sorry FB is not for me!!

Claire said...

Thank you, Sheri for your design. I love the cute measuring tape binding and ties that you used.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the cute pattern & recipe! Love the blog hop!!

Unknown said...

I agree with janine. I love your blog hops but I do not do FB either.
Sorry FB is not for me either!!

Anonymous said...

I really like Cheri's pattern. Thanks for putting that together. I love blog hops with recipes. =) Yesterday's was cute, but I won't do FB either. I do like the recipe and appreciate your posting that on your blog yesterday.

okienurse said...

awesome pattern and delicious recipe. Think I am going to bake it this evening after it cools down a bit!

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