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July 15, 2016

Summer Blog Hop {Day 8}

Hello, again!  Welcome back to the Summer Blog Hop!  I hope your day got a little bit sweeter yesterday with Debbie's sweet sewing lemons & yummy recipes!  I think they are adorable!  I know I will be making these meatballs too for the family!  Plus, they make a lot, so you can freeze some and enjoy them later!

Today {Day 8} on the hop brings us Tracy, from Plumcute Designs!  She is another great gal who loves handwork & sewing.  If you follow her on FB you will see that she bring her handwork with her everywhere she goes!  How exciting to stitch everyday, anywhere!!!  Tracy also loves to spend time with her family as you can see here from their family vacation!  I thought she had a stellar idea when she mentioned she has her kids make a "summer" bucket list!  What a great idea!  I think we all could use a "summer" bucket list as summer is short and sure seams to fly by here in MN! 

Please enjoy Tracy's summer tidbits and then click the link to enjoy her project on today's hop!

I have a green thumb but usually get so busy that I end up killing things because I forget them.

Average temp = HOT...90's-100's

I stay cool by staying inside stitching or occasionally going swimming (followed by poolside stitching)

Favorite summer drink is (hands down) sweet tea...favorite summer adult drink is a toss up between a margarita and a cold beer.

4th of July was spent with family watching movies & stitching.

S'mores...yes please.  Love to add a rolo for just a little extra flavor!

I love farmers markets but sadly, I usually remember to go just about the time they are closing.

Favorite fruit...peaches.

I take handwork with me everywhere.  I have been known to stitch at baseball games, soccer games. & the golf course (while watching  my kids practice).

My favorite summer tradition is having my kids make a bucket list and then seeing how many things we can cross off.

Click link below!

See you again tomorrow!!!!

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Lady Locust said...

I luuuuuv lemons! So many sweet ideas and were not through yet😊 Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Everyone, can anyone tell me how to make a Light Champagne Dressing for this salad. Thank you, Marian

Claire said...

Very sweet pattern. Thanks so much for giving us lemons today!

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