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July 14, 2016

Summer Blog Hop {Day 7}


Happy Thursday!  And welcome to {Day 7} of the Summer Blog Hop!  Today marks the half way point of the hop!  This means we still have just as much fun & projects coming up in the second half of the hop!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's project!  It was perfect for our rug hooking fans!!!   I had the privilege of seeing today's designer's project in person this past weekend!  You are going to LOVE it!  And I can't wait to see her post!  Let's just say it goes with her lemonade recipe!!! 

Today's designer is Debbie, from Wooden Spool Designs!  She lives in Oregon.... and we met at the Quilt Show in Sister's and spent some time together!  We had sew much fun!!!  Debbie is in the middle and Anna {who I stayed with} is on the right!  


Debbie also enjoys spending time with her family!  Not a day goes by that she isn't enjoying being a grandma!
Here are Debbie's summer fun facts....

1.  Green Thumb or No?  If so, tell us about your flower bed or garden.
I do love to garden!! We have had numerous gardens over the years but my favorite was my raised garden we made based on the one my dad had!!  We have grown corn, green beans, tomatoes, raspberries, boysenberries, logan berries, cucumbers, potatoes, and pumpkins. Of course I do love to plant daffodil bulbs!! 

2.  Average temperature where you live during the summer? 
Our average summer temperature here in Troutdale, Oregon is 81 degrees. We do get some stretches of hot hot days....in the upper 90's and we have already had one day this year that we hit 100 degree in JUNE no less!!

3.  How do you stay cool during the summer?
There is nothing like good hose water splashed on the feet while watering the flowers and garden!! Plus I love having A/C!! 

4.   Favorite summer drink?
Sweet Iced Tea (with LOTS OF ICE) 

5.  How did you celebrate the 4th of July?
I went out and bought myself a new pair of gardening shoes, some flowers and spent the day in the flower beds!! 

6.  What type of s’mores do you like?  Standard or?
Graham cracker, Hershey chocolate bar, and a golden roasted marshmallow!!! 

7.  Do you frequent any farmer’s markets during the week?
We have several here in the area and we go occasionally, but not on a regular basis. My favorite things about them is the variety of different COLORS of vegetables all lined up!! 

8.  Favorite fruit?
I love watermelon!! 

9.  Do you do any handwork outside during the week?
I do not usually do handwork outside...maybe if I had a better outside table I would....Maybe I need to make that a goal!! 

10.  Favorite summer tradition?
Driving to Hood River to buy apples from the orchards!! 



Please click the link and head over to Debbie's blog for more fun!

Don't forget to meet up again here tomorrow!  

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Anna said...

We look so happy!!!

Claire said...

Such cute designs. Thank you!

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