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November 17, 2010

Secretariat ~ Gotta See It!


Tonight while my husband was at a dinner/work function...  I declared it a "GIRLS" night with my daughters since they had no homework & I'm at the shop the rest of the week for the Holiday Open House.  So, after supper & shopping, I took the girls to see this new movie!  All I can say is that is was simply AMAZING!  We ALL loved it!  I think it is the best movie ever!!!  

This movie is for both young and old... Even though I knew the outcome, I was on the edge of my seat... and my youngest daughter and I both had our "finger's crossed" to make sure Big Red would come through and win the race(s)!  It is also a tear jerker ~ so be prepared!!!

Penny, Big Red's owner is also just darling and I find her very inspiring!  I would love to have the opportunity to meet her one day!  She is a very strong and courageous woman and one I relate very well too as it seems I am always trying to find the perfect balance (if there is one!) between my family & following my passion!  I hope you all take time to relax and enjoy this delightful movie!  You won't be disappointed!

My thoughts on inspiration from the movie:
*Believe in Yourself*
*Have Faith*
*Follow Your Dreams*
*The Impossible is POSSIBLE*
(Now just to put these words into action! :-)


LibbiesHome said...

Thanks for the movie review! That's one that I wanted to see when I saw the previews, but had forgotten it was in theaters now. And the words of inspiration are just those thoughts that we hear but keep needing reminders to help us put words into actions. Thanks!

Miss Stacy said...

LibbiesHome - It was a great movie... We all could use a little inspiration now and again... Enjoy! Have a great day!

Willow Lake Stitches said...

Thanks so much for the movie post.... I have been wanting to see this, and it is fun to hear from someone else about it !

Love your blog and your patterns...and I adore this blog hop... thanks for introducing me to such talented designers, and their blogs, and the recipes !


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