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November 22, 2010

Welcome Everyone to Day 7 of the 
Quilt Designer Holiday Blog Hop!  

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy... Stinkin' cute project!  Thanks for being so sweet and sharing the awesome project with each of us!  Hope you all are having a great time collecting the recipes (please note ALL of them are available to print out), enjoying the projects and learning a little bit about each of the gals behind the designs you all enjoy so much!!!  Off to more fun.....

Our seventh Designer is 
Lisa Bongean
Hometown * Menasha, WI

OMG!  Today is Lisa's day!!!! 

I don't really know if I need to introduce this gal to any of you or not!  But.... just in case you have not been at any one of the dozen plus shows she has vended at each year or have not had the opportunity to be a student of hers at the numerous quilt shops/guilds she teaches at... our next designer is Lisa Bongean (LB) from Primitive Gatherings.  I personally have not seen any one work harder in this business than her.  Since the moment she quit her job, and started this career, she has never looked back and it has been nothin' but full steam ahead for this girl!

Not only is Lisa a well rounded designer, she is a Top 10 Quilt Shop owner and now a fabric designer for... none other than - Moda!  Sometimes (ok-most of the time) I have no clue how she does it all!  Heck, most days... she has put in about 5 hours before I even start work (but it must count for something that I am a late night owl!!)  Either way, from shop owner to fabric designer, it's been fun to see her achieve much success!

Alright... So I also know that some of you know that we "hang" together... so I thought I would share some "dirt" with you about her since she is always giving me grief!!!!!  Ha! Just kidding!  She is just GREAT, so stinkin' FUN to be around & perfect to share a good dessert with!  And - it would be pretty darn hard for me to say anything bad about her (and Nick) when they take care of me, bring kits to me at shows, save my tush with curtains at the WI show (AND, I would also like to thank all you fans of hers... you were all VERY funny stopping by & mentioning that to me :-)... I'm just hoping there won't be a hanging chicken in my booth next show!!!

Have fun gals! Enjoy the upcoming Holidays with friends and Family and don't forget to head on over and check out her post... AND if you are in her area, be sure to get to her shop's Christmas Open House this weekend!  It's going to be AWESOME!

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