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November 16, 2010

Welcome Everyone to Day 5 of the 
Quilt Designer Holiday Blog Hop!  

How fun was Kathy's banner project?  I would love to make some of those for teacher gifts!  Too cute!  Wonder what Renee has up her sleeve.... I heard three options so I can't wait to see which one she went for!

Our fifth Designer is 
Renee Plains
Hometown * Scottsdale, AZ

Renee is a just a doll!  

So where do I start with Renee?  Well, first of all, I don't think you will ever meet a more genuine, kind hearted gal than Renee.  She is such a doll!  She is just the sweetest thing!  I have been inspired by her and treasured her friendship for many years....  I can hardly wait for market to come each spring so we can catch up and chat!  Not to mention her designs are pure, sweet & fabulous! 

The neat thing about Renee is that she is so multi talented.  She is a very diverse artist who loves to explore various mediums.  I know I could sit for hours and venture the day away with her!  She loves taking workshops to learn new techniques or spark new ideas to use in future artwork/designs.  Renee also loves quilting, jewelry making, collecting (don't we all!!), mixed media artwork, taking trips and teaching workshops!  You all need to go and take the time to read her blog, catch a workshop or hers or just enjoy some of her inspiring pieces of work!

Renee's Fav Books:
The Secret Life of Bees
Anything by Mary Higgins Clark

PS * Don't forget... to print off your complimentary cookie swap recipe!


A Plain Path said...

Another great site, adorable project, and delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing!!!

The Wooden Acorn said...

I wanted to tell you that before I go to the designer's blog, I check yours first as you write up such an interesting "bio" on each one. I find it really intersting. Thanks!!!!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey - Thanks... I wonder if anyone reads that - LOL! Each person is unique, therefore no one could ever be the same. I adore each one and am thrilled they joined me for the hop! Take care gals!

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