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July 8, 2016

Summer Blog Hop {Day 1} * FREE PROJECTS & RECIPES!

Happy Friday & welcome to our {1st Day} of our Summer Blog Hop!  I can't believe it is time for the hop to begin!  What is SUPER COOL about this is hop is that we now have 14 fantastic designers offering you complimentary "summer themed" designs in stitchery, wool applique, quilts etc... potluck recipes & more for the next 14 days!  Each day for those 14 days, I will be posting tidbits & pictures about each designer, providing you with their FAV potluck recipe card to print off and links to their blogs so you can go and enjoy their project they have designed just for you!  Please be sure to grab our blog hop button icon and help spread the word about our amazing hop!  We want everyone to enjoy this!!!!!! 
Happy Summer!!!

Up today {Day 1} is Cheri from Quilts by Cheri!  Here are a few summer fun facts from her!

   Green Thumb or No?  If so, tell us about your flower bed or garden.  Green Thumb....No! unless you count flowers, leaves, vegetables or fruits in cotton & wool!

·        Average temperature where you live during the summer? Average temperature in Southern California is pretty close to perfect most of the time....that's why I live here!

·        How do you stay cool during the summer?  Splashing away with my grandkids in the pool!

·        Favorite summer drink?  Ice tea is my summertime drink.

·        How did you celebrate the 4th of July?  I usually celebrate the 4th of July traveling to pick up my grandkids for the summer.

·        What type of s’mores do you like?  Standard or?  A campfire roasted marshmallow is the best....I love them burnt! I usually just eat the marshmallows and/or chocolate on it's own.

·        Do you frequent any farmer’s markets during the week?  We are lucky to have a weekly Farmer's Market within walking distance from our house every Saturday.....visit as often as I can.

·        Favorite fruit?  Watermelon!

·        Do you do any handwork outside during the week?  I never sew outside....don't know why but just never have.

·        Favorite summer tradition?  Our family camping trip at the end of July lots of fun New memories made every year.

Please head over to Cheri's Facebook Page for the complimentary project!  Here is the link!

See you tomorrow for more FUN in the SUN!!!!

{Day 1}
July 8th * Quilts by Cheri
{Day 2}
July 9th * Calico Moon
{Day 3}
July 10th * Gail Pan Designs
{Day 4}
July 11th * Heartspun Quilts
{Day 5}
July 12th * Crabapple Hill
{Day 6}
July 13th * Notforgotten Farm
{Day 7}
July 14th * Wooden Spool Designs
{Day 8}
July 15th * Plum Cute Designs
{Day 9}
July16th * Lynette Anderson Designs
{Day 10}
July 17th * Kathy Schmitz
{Day 11}
July 18th * The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
{Day 12}
July 19th Leonie Bateman Designs
{Day 13}
July 20th * Ali Strebel Designs
{Day 14}
July 21st * Buttermilk Basin


Quiltgirl2856 said...

Looking forward to this Summer Hop

Unknown said...

This link takes you to her personal page. I found her quilt page by clicking Works at: Quilts by Cheri.

Michelle said...

Thank you, however the link does not work. I went to her FB page and am thinking she will be posting later today?

Michelle said...

Thank you, however the link does not work. I went to her FB page and am thinking she will be posting later today?

Natalie in Maine said...

I couldn't find it either, but will check back later, found some beautiful small christmas type ones from a previous thing, and a halloween small one that was super cute.

Kim said...

It looks like you can only see it if you are her facebook friend??

Virginia LB said...

Could not find the pattern. All posts are from 2015. Is there another site to get this pattern? Looking forward to this fun Summer Blog Hop.

Lady Locust said...

Couldn't find it either:(

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

There is no pattern on her FB page.

Tina said...

No pattern!

VLPDevore said...

Same here. Tried a lot of things and nothing worked : (

VLPDevore said...

I made the crow/flag quilt last year; but things have changed health wise and don't have near as much time as last year. If day 2 doesn't work, it will be simpler for me to skip this year and not be so frustrated. vickie

Primitive Stitches said...

the link and pattern can be found under her business FB page type in-
Quilts by Cheri

Claire said...

Cheri also posted a picture of the project and also a pic of the instructions and recipe on Instagram. You don't have to have an account to see it. Try @cherirosepayne

Thank you for the pattern, Cheri, and thanks for organizing the hop, Stacy.

Phyllis said...

I still cannot find the pattern for today. Sure would be nice to make it easier for everyone if the links were all in the same place.

Sherrill said...

Nothing on Cheri's FB page..don't do instagram.

craigandlissa said...

no luck on either fb page...

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

The link takes you to her facebook page to see anything you would have to friend her.
I don't want to add people to my Facebook page. Is there a different link.

Anna brown said...

Very nice summer blog hop..will be looking in on this... happyness04431@yahoo.com

Virginia LB said...

Still can't get the pattern. How do we get this.

dmf said...

Can't get to the pattern.

my place and times said...

Everything on FB page is from 2015???

Mary said...

I don't do Facebook so went to her blog and last content is April 2016.

sunflowermorning said...

To see the pattern, you do need to join Cheri's group:

Quilts by Cheri-Friendship Group

Then the pattern is in her files, the tab at top, and the latest pattern added. There are many free patterns she has in the files for members.

LesQuilts said...

Hi! Thank you Stacy for organizing this fun blog hop! Could you please repost Ceri Payne's free design in a more accessible file? The instructions to use special programs to print out a hand drawing do not work for me, I do not have access to those programs.

Melisa said...

Here is a valid link:


okienurse said...

awesome salad! I didn't have a problem downloading the pattern using the above link. Thanks for fixing it!

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